About Essential Oils

All essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants.

Their liquid form is derived by using steam from plant elements such as bark, leaves, stems or flowers .Most of them are clear in color. A small amount can last awhile since they are highly concentrated. People are able to benefit from these oils through inhalation, or by applying directly to the hair or skin.

The difference between regular oils and essential oils, essential oils do not contain fatty acids. The possess potent qualities and can be use in cosmetics and medical purposes. They contain substantial amounts of antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial matter.These oils can be used from everything from cleaning cuts and wounds, or on the flipside can be used to clean your home. Since their molecular structure is so fine it can absorb the skin easily. Essential oils can clean, heal or soften.

Essential oils are different from fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are a synthetic product manufactured from synthetic ingredients.Fragrant oils can be patented while essential oils cannot, the reason being is that essential oils are natural products.All we know today about essential oils is knowledge that is the result of generations of experimentation.

One fact is that essential oils never get stale. Some can lose their therapeutic properties over time and others can get better with age.

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