Choosing the Perfect Bra
 by: Zoe Pallister

It has been loudly proclaimed from various media outlets that most women are wearing the wrong size bra. However, this may not be the only wrong choice when it comes to choosing the perfect bra. Other factors should also be taken into consideration, such as styles and fabrics.

When selecting the right bra for you, it is important to know your correct size. Some women have never been fitted by a professional, while other women have not had a proper fitting in several years.

If you have recently gained or lost weight, had a baby, or if it has been years since your last fitting, it is a good idea to first visit a lingerie store or fine department store to get correctly measured. Usually, fittings are done for free and you do not have to make a purchase at that time. If you prefer to shop for bras online, it is still important to know your true size to ensure proper fit.

Another point to consider is the style that fits your wardrobe and your lifestyle. If you are very active, it is wise to invest in several sports bras. They are often made with high-tech fabrics that can wick away moisture, so an intensive workout will not make you uncomfortable.

This style can vary greatly in terms of support, so if you are shopping for bras online, it may be a good idea to read the reviews of the particular brand you want.

For a professional wardrobe, your clothes will fit better and lay smooth on the body if you are wearing the right supportive undergarments. Underwire bras will give the lift, support and definition that is often needed when wearing business attire.

For particular tops and dresses, strapless and racer back styles may work best. Racer back styles are great for tank tops because the straps are positioned further back for a neater look. Strapless styles work great for dressier occasions, as formal wear often feature designs that expose the shoulders.

Tee-shirts and thin fabrics work best with bras that are cotton, microfiber, or satin. Lace and embroidery should be worn under tops that are made from thicker or textured fabrics to ensure a smooth look.

It is important to consider your current size, wardrobe and lifestyle when choosing the right lingerie for you. It is best to have an assortment of several styles in different fabrics.
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