TOO HEAVY? That extra weight -- it's not your fault!

Time, nature and circumstances cause bulging tummies, love handles and those heavy thighs as we add some years. The solution? A couple of changes in what and when you eat and how you spend your spare time. Isn't it really unfair that people decide how much, or even IF, they like you based on your weight? Aren't we all thinking, "Hey, there's a lot more to ME than extra pounds!"

A New, Trim You Without A Fad Diet.
By now, you've heard about dozens of weight loss plans and schemes. Don't fall for the "No Exercise, No Cravings, No Forbidden Foods" hype that sells books like The South Beach Diet and the various Atkins diets. A real expert, a medical doctor specializing in treating the overweight, has written about his new plan, one that will not only cause others to like you but will cause you to just about burst with pride about your new self. Your new TRIM self, that is.
Everybody enjoys freshly prepared, tasty food and treats. And, who, really, wants to starve? As you know, fad diets such as The South Beach Diet and the various Atkins diets don't work over the long term -- you soon feel famished and quickly go back to eating the wrong things. And that brings back any weight you may have dropped.
Let me tell you about a better, more effective and gentle way: Robert Johnson, M.D., former president of the American Society of Bariatric (that's the science of weight loss) Physicians, does not believe in strict dieting or fad diets like The South Beach or Atkins diets. Based on his life's work, helping many thousands of patients lose 30 to fifty pounds each, Dr. Johnson developed a weight loss system that helps you make better eating choices so you can lose weight and keep it off. It's known as "The New Charleston Program: The Permanent Weight-Control Solution." You can read some of Dr. Johnson's work by clicking the Table of Contents link. And, before you buy, try the free "Are You Ready Self-Test?" to see if your mindset is ready to start shedding excess weight. Plus, be sure to read the Table of Contents and Chapter 1 to see if this program is right for you. Read More
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