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Sunglasses are a must-have accessory to those who love fashion because it makes you exude a fashionable statement everywhere you go. There are many designs and designers and Versace is one of the leading designers of sunglasses in the world. The sunglasses range from different shapes to different sizes based on customers taste and preferences.

They are elegant, luxurious and very prestigious and there prices vary depending on your budget. Most celebrities in Hollywood wear Versace sunglasses because they are so cool and trendy. The sunglasses comes in different styles like the round, oval, square, rimless, rectangular and sports. They also cater for women, men, and unisex categories.

As a consumer, it's always important that you know how to buy a genuine Versace sunglasses as the market is always awash with fake ones. First, you will have to decide which sunglass suits your taste and fits into your budget, and then you go to the official Versace website for more information on the prices and shipping. You will also find a list of other stores that stock the sunglasses. Another place with adequate information is the Versace product blogs which are found on the internet. Once you are satisfied that you got the design that you want, then you can make your purchase either by visiting a department store or online.

Beware that in the process of searching for the product you may bump into a fake one and you may not be able to distinguish from a genuine one. A real Versace sunglasses is expensive as it costs between 150- 250 dollars so if you find one that goes for $50 that may be a fake one. A real Versace sunglass has its logo engraved and not glued and the spelling should also be correct. Check the country of manufacture, if its China then it'[s a fake since a genuine one is made in Italy.
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