Belt Collection: Fashions Oldest Accessory
 by: Kimberly Smith

Today's fashion is a balanced personality, risk, layers and a healthy supply of style do's and don't. Women and men scour magazines in search of the latest, greatest, must-have item. Having pieces with style longevity is just as important, if not, more, then seeking out the hottest bells and whistles of the moment. Belts are one of the few things that have stayed relevant in the fashion industry, continue to be re-imagined, and can transform any outfit in an instant. Proof that the most simple accessories can cast the most impact. Originally created purely for function, a belt collection is one of the oldest fashion accessories still thriving.

There are many variations that have been fashion premier over the years. Here are some basic styles and tips for application:

Embellished: Jewels, animal prints, and studs are just a few enhancements especially prominent for woman's accessories today. Many designers will go a not further adding luxurious textures and a range of colors like neon. Material choices have also grown lengths. While leather remains to be very popular, vinyl, patented leather, and chain-like options are also fashion forward.

High Waisted: High waisted belts adding the illusion of narrowing and elongating the legs. The shape produced can give dimension to dresses that otherwise tend to hang on the body. Wider belts can be found with elastic backing with multi-buckles for example. Depending on the piece, these range from simple to near gaudy.

Skinny: Slim, skinny belts are a classic. Women of the past would rope one around their day dress or around the midsection of their button down shirt. They are very attractive with a tucked in dress shirt and wider dress slacks. As always, play with color and texture options on the market to locate the combination that works best.
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