Health benefits from drinking juice

Juice for health
by Michael Griffin
Many don't get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables in their diets and often the reason is that they just don't like the taste and the bulk is quite extensive. On the other hand if you juice these fruits and vegetables, you can drink all your requirements in as little as a single 8 oz glass and tap into the health benefits of juicing.

Juice takes all the great nutrients from fruits and vegetables and concentrates them, puts them directly to work in your body by bypassing your digestive system and main lining the nutrients into your bloodNext we are going to look at a simple juice that will introduce you to the benefits and you will see why as we break it down to the nutrients that are in it. We will see how they work individually and together to bring the great benefits with this healthy recipe.
This juice combines a variety of healthy ingredients, Asian pears, lemon,  parsley, and wheat grass.
1. Asian pear contains Vitamin C, copper and Vitamin K, essential nutrients for health. The extra vitamin C you get removes free radicals and provides anti-oxidant effects which go together to prevent cancer.
2. Lemons help your digestion and can help with wrinkles. Lemons also contain strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and can help you lose weight.
3. Parsley is another item that provides cancer prevention. It contains two nutrients unique to it, volatil oils and flavonoids which function as antioxidants, Along with parsley's vitamin C you get a complete protection package.
4. Wheat grass lowers blood pressure and increases red cell count. It stimulates your metabolism and enzyme systems. In addition wheat grass restores alkalinity to the blood and stimulates the thyroid. With all of that nutrition going on, this is a great juice to add to your diet.
Asian Pleasure
2 Asian pears
1 handful of parsley
1 lemon peeled
1/4 cup wheat grass
Just drop them into your juicer and let it rip.
You shouldn't think you can buy bottled juice and get the same benefits. Prepared juice is required to be pasteurized and pasteurization destroys many of the enzymes and micronutrients that are so beneficial. Only fresh juice gives you the benefits that you want and need.

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