Looking Stylish

How To Look Stylish And Attract People's Attention
 by: Mike Reason
Have you ever tried to getting the attention of someone
you are interested in and failed.
Why? You are nice enough, intelligent enough, open-minded enough. What's wrong? The sole reason is STYLE! Your style creates the first and decisive impression about you. And if their first impression of you is wrong there is no chance to be in demand. How to look good at a party, club, picnic or barbeque and no longer feel like hiding? How to have your head up, your shoulders back and feel fabulous? How to look younger, thinner and smarter?

Indeed, it's the time to critically review your wardrobe and create a totally new look. Dear ladies and gentlemen, some help from a professional stylist would be a good start! A kind of step by step guide to looking fabulous would be indispensable no matter what your body shape, size or age. It must be a guide containing a host of detailed information on becoming stylish.

Who may a guide be suitable for, no matter men or women? For anyone who wants to know what not to wear; those who wear plus sizes; those with a small frame but wide shoulders; ladies who have wide hips or saddle bags; full breasted ladies; flat chested ladies; those with long legs and short torso; those with long torso and short legs; petite sizes; tall ladies; those of all ages who want professional style advice.

Style is powerful. Understand the psychology of color, line and design and you may be able to express why some clothes make happy and others disappoint. Dressing stylish is an acquired skill. This is a day by day process coming to its best when supported by a professional consultant.

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