Lingerie Tips For Women
 by: Michelle Rigby

Most women are quite knowledgeable and aware of what types of clothing suit their body types, and match their personalities. When it comes to creating the perfect outfits, matching tops and bottoms, shoes and handbags, most women are in their element. But often when it comes to lingerie and other intimate clothing items many women are more than a little baffled. Lingerie selections are an important and often overlooked part of any ladies personal style. It can either flatter your body and complete a look, or it can look off, out of place and out of style. Remember that good quality and attractive lingerie can be one of the best ways to flaunt your sexy figure. Here are a few tips that can help you to choose the best lingerie for you.

Breasts, Shoulders and Arms 

Firstly you need to take into consideration the size of your breasts. The bust line gets a lot of attention on any woman and it needs to be properly accentuated. If you have smaller breasts you may want to consider a padded brassier or one that contains under wire for extra support. Likewise if you have large breasts you will want to avoid padded bras and go for a look that is more subtle such as lace etc.

For your arms and shoulders choose sleeve lengths and styles that are slimming and avoid anything too tight or restricting.

Thighs and Legs 

If you are petite in size, choose designs that help you to create the illusion of fuller and longer legs. High cut styles help you to do this. Thongs are also extremely sexy, and can be worn by nearly any body type. They also make the leg look longer and slimmer.

For those who carry a little extra weight around the thighs or bottom, you may want to try a nightie or gown that flows loosely around the upper thigh. Try to avoid styles that are very tight around the butt or thighs. Keep the focus on your upper body by using a corset or bustier to emphasize and enhance your breasts.

Stomach, Hips and Waist 

Dark colours are generally always considered slimming so go for these of you have a slightly bulging or larger tummy. Sheer garments tend to reveal every detail so choose fabrics that are more opaque to keep your tummy looking slim and contained. Again try to draw the attention away from your trouble spots by emphasizing the neck line and shoulders of your outfit.

If you feel you have a figure that it too slim try using two piece lingerie sets. These help to create the illusion of a curvy hourglass figure.


A woman's hair is her crowning glory. Make sure your outfit matches well with your hair colour and does not clash. Arrange your hair in a way that flatters your face and figure.

Accessories and props

Anything with a girly and luxurious feel is fair play when it comes to accessories and props. Silk, lace, ribbons, patterns, jewellery, these can all help to complete your outfit and make you feel sexy and confident.
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