Quit Smoking Going Cold Turkey

How Do You Quit Smoking Going Cold Turkey? And is it Effective for the Long Term?

Did you know that the most popular way to quit smoking is going cold turkey? Which is quite surprising when you consider all the quit smoking aids available today?
This method is certainly cheaper than many others, but it can also be one of the toughest ways to quit smoking which can put many people off.
However, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier…
Try cutting down gradually before you go full-on cold turkey… if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, try cutting down to 15 the first week, 10 the next, and so on.
Ensure you have the correct mindset. How easy or hard it will be, will depend on how much you want to quit smoking. If you really love smoking then going cold turkey will be more of a battle. I know this sounds obvious, but, you must really want to quit smoking way more than you want to carry on smoking.
You won’t always realize that just a few reasons can overpower you to carry on smoking… even if you have 10 good reasons to quit! So find a few good reasons that motivate you to quit and stay quit and keep them in mind throughout the process.
How effective is going cold turkey for the long term?
If you really miss smoking and the process of quitting was really difficult, it is more likely that you may start smoking and stay smoking. It also depends on how much willpower you have to stay quit, especially in certain situations where you used to smoke, for example: with alcohol, or when stressed out. In these situations, you may still find yourself yearning for a cigarette and easily give in to the urge.
Your mindset plays a crucial role here and can make the process easier, watch your thinking and make sure that you always keep in mind the reasons why you should quit and stay quit.
Keep in mind the benefits associated with quitting, not smoking, or the short-term pleasure you may gain from smoking a cigarette. It’s easy to forget that there are way more advantages to not smoking than there are to smoke especially when you find yourself in situations where you get a strong urge to smoke.
In Summary
Sooner or later you’ll have to stop smoking cigarettes without the use of any aid such as nicotine patches. At least, with going cold turkey, you are the facing the situation much earlier, a situation that you would inevitably have to face sooner or later. It will help to cut down the number of cigarettes gradually before you stop completely.
Will cold turkey work for you? It really depends on the individual, it’s not for everyone. You may find it preferable and easier compared to other methods because it suits you more.
The right mindset is crucial when going cold turkey, that is, keep in mind the reasons you should not smoke more than the reasons you should… so the benefits associated with not smoking as opposed to the benefits associated with smoking. This continued focus makes the process easier and you’ll be more likely to stay quit for the long term too. Read More..
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