The healthy mom guidebook

What is it?

I'm Shira Nelson.  As a busy mom, we all want to look and feel our best.  I get it.  But we are often so busy with everything and everyone else, we have little time or energy to think about ourselves.  The goal of the Healthy Mom Guidebook is to show you that you can lose fat without hours at the gym or in the kitchen.  There is no magic plan that works.  You will only be able to sustain and maintain your plan if it works with your lifestyle and that is exactly what this guidebook will teach you how to do.  You can eat real food that tastes great, have energy, and look your best as a busy mom without a restrictive diet and exercise plan.  When you follow this guidebook, you can follow it at your pace without ever feeling like you *should* be farther along.  This guidebook goes beyond nutrition and will teach you how to feel and look your best in less time so you can enjoy every minute with your kids.  This is the ultimate guide for convenience eating as a busy mom.

This guidebook is an instant download (yours to keep) with everything you need to create and live a healthy mom lifestyle that is easy and convenient.  A solution for busy moms. Read More..

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