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5 Skin Care Tips To Keep It Healthy For Years To Come
 by: Sue Cooper


More and more people nowadays are concerned about the appearance of their skin. And in their desire to have immediate results in their fight against time and the environment, most go for medications and expensive skin treatments. However, the only thing they might actually need is to change some small aspects of their everyday lives in order to be far better protected against the negative effects that time and the environment can have on the skin.

Here are some simple tips/ideas that can help anyone be better prepared to face the harmful elements that affect our skin:

Protection from the sun

Sun is undeniably one of nature's most harmful elements when it comes to our skin. It can cause/accelerate the appearance of freckles, wrinkles and extremely dry skin. Furthermore, when exposed for excessive amounts of time and over several years, skin can develop more serious problems, like skin cancer for example.

So, in order to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, you should try to avoid it at times when it is stronger, always wear protective clothing to cover the most sensitive areas of your skin and use sunscreen even if there is no visible sun during the day. This is because the sun's UV rays can pierce through clouds and reach our skin directly, even on cloudy days.

Avoid smoking

It is a proven fact that smoking causes the tiny veins on the epidermis to narrow, which decreases the blood flow and makes the skin look older and more prone to show wrinkles. This also directly affects collagen and elastin, which play a direct role in our skin's elasticity.

Take care of your skin

Even if daily cleansing might seem ideal, it might prove to be a bit too much for some skins. So the idea might be to keep cleansings and other intense cleaning methods restricted to certain periods.

On top of this, any kind of bath or shower should be restricted to short amounts of time and done with warm (rather than hot) water, since a long shower can easily remove oil from the skin, which helps with its elasticity. It is also advisable to restrict the use of traditional soaps, since they can dry up the skin very fast.

Eat healthy

Eat natural foods like fruits and vegetables and avoid non-healthy foods. Special precaution should be taken against the consumption of junk food and almost anything that is deep dried or found at fast food restaurants.

Stress management

Although not scientifically proven, stress is assumed to be one of the main triggers of acne and other skin conditions. In order to control stress, try to take short breaks from your daily activities and set reasonable limits to the amount of work you perform.

Once one starts following these simple recommendations, he/she will be taking great steps towards a far healthier skin. The results might not be immediately obvious, but they will certainly be apparent in the long run.
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