Anti Aging - The Fight Against Time
 by: Sue Cooper


Anti Aging

The Fight Against Time: Anti Ageing Products

Even though it is a natural part of our lives, ageing is considered by many one of the biggest obstacles to face. As time passes by, our bodies produce less and less collagen and our skin starts losing elasticity dramatically. It also starts getting thinner and dryer, which in turn produces wrinkles.

The good thing is that no matter how harsh the environmental conditions one faces are, the damage caused to the skin can be prevented by the most part. This is why the term anti-ageing was coined, to express the inherent desire most people have to prevail and to out-last each other. Of course, it didn't take long before the skin care market was full of anti-aging products. At the time, almost all of them were just more of the same, but as time passed and science evolved, better quality anti-aging products started to appear.

Things to look for in anti-ageing products

In general, these anti ageing products work by deeply penetrating the skin and moisturising it. Each of them offers the same appealing benefit (to stop the clock of nature), but each of them usually takes different approaches in order to do so. Here are some considerations to have before making a choice:

* Extreme focus: Some products focus on specific ageing symptoms, like on fine wrinkles, the region under the eyes, or the forehead.

* Collagen/elastin protein: Collagen and the elastin protein are what keep skin elastic, firm, tight and toned. The body decreases their production as it ages, which makes them the perfect target for many creams and anti-aging treatments. These kinds of products are the most commercial and the ones preferred by people.

* Hyluronic acid: Hyluronic acid serves to hold both collagen and elastin together, so any anti-aging product of quality will always contain enough of it.

Besides these, there are of course a series of recommendations that can help anyone slow down the aging process. To start, the most useful thing anyone can do in order to protect his/her skin is to avoid the sun and its UV rays as much as possible. If exposure to the sun can't be avoided, then it should be done using a sunscreen.

Another factor worth mentioning and one that most people don't even know about is that most UV rays can easily go through clouds, so sun screen should be applied regardless if it is sunny outside or not.

Lastly, the consumption of anti-oxidants is also highly recommended.

Prevention, prevention, prevention

As much as people try to fight the consequences of the passing of time once they start to suffer them, the best way to combat them is to start taking preventive measures early on. Whether it is regularly using anti-ageing products even at a young age or moving your diet towards a healthier one, prevention will always be the best way to combat age.
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