Hair Cuts: Choosing The Greatest Hair Cuts For Your Face And Way Of Life
 by: Andy Guides Jr

There is no easier way to change your appearance than to update or change your hairstyle. Haircuts designed to flatter your face and compliment your lifestyle can change how you feel about yourself. For each face type, there are some general guidelines to consider. You, however, must make the final decision.

The oval shaped face is considered to be one of the easiest types to flatter. There are many options available for this face. In general, you will want to keep an even length without layers and high volume. Some wispy bangs are often flattering for this shape. With this structure, just about any option is acceptable as long as you choose options that highlight your own individual best features.

A round face can sometimes seem to be a problem to flatter. However, there are styles for you too. Keep away from any cut that emphasizes the fullness of the face. Layers, no matter the length of the hair, can minimize the roundness and fullness. Emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones by keeping your hair away from the face can also be flattering. Some experts advise cutting the hair just below the chin with tapered ends.

Short, straight bangs are often a good choice for those with a square face. Do not have a cut that is too short. Lengthening the back and sides with layers will add volume. Having curls on the ends, or getting a trendy spiky cut also look flattering on this shape.

A heart shaped face needs the hair below the jaw line. No short cuts or layers are usually advised. Getting side swept bangs can also take the emphasis off the point in the chin.

A long face can be complimented by having the bangs go all the way to the tip of the eyebrows. Curls and layering the sides without too much volume will help to shorten the face.

Of course there are other things to consider besides your facial structure. Do you want a more formal or informal look? Your lifestyle will help make this decision. If you are preparing for a wedding or prom, you will probably want to consider more formal looks. If you are a sporty person, informal styles might work best for you.

A good stylist is a must. She can give expert advice on your face type. Even though she is the expert, do not go with her suggestions if you know it will not work with your lifestyle. Only you know what you will feel most comfortable with on a daily basis. An excellent option available today is a virtual cut on the Internet. Many sites let you look at different styles on your facial shape. If they allow you to download an actual picture and experiment with different looks, that is even better. You can virtually see how it will look on your face.

Only you will know which haircuts will flatter you. There is no rule cut into stone. If you are comfortable with it, and think it looks attractive, nothing else matters. Should you get a style that you decide you do not like, it will not be long before it will grow, and you can change it.
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