How to Choose a Dermatologist
 by: Meredi Wagner-Hoehn


How does one go about choosing a dermatologist? Skin health is an area you're likely not trained in yourself, so it's difficult to know which questions to ask, and which answers to receive. Here are a few things to consider while picking your Austin dermatologist.

Board Certification

Never be afraid to verify a professionals qualifications. To officially claim the role of dermatologist, a doctor takes three additional years to specifically study skin. During this time, the dermatologist learns and practices skin surgeries and spa treatments, studying advanced dermatologic technologies to best serve their clients after their studies are complete. At the end of this schooling, the dermatologist-to-be takes a board exam covering everything they've learned. The doctor must pass this exam, created by the American Board of Dermatology, before they're officially a dermatologist. Having passed it, they are now considered board certified. Ask your potential Austin cosmetic dermatologist if they're board certified before agreeing to be their patient.

Check Them Out

Any viable Austin dermatologist will have a professional-grade website available for public review. Peruse this site before even making an appointment with the dermatology clinic. You can get a fair idea of the services offered and the quality of the clinic before you even walk in the door.

When you do call the Austin dermatologist, theyll ask if you would like to schedule a consultation. If you want a specific procedure, take the time and invest the money to have a consultation first. A certified dermatologist will want to analyze your skin and verify an appropriate course of action before administering any skin procedure. Not to mention, this allows you to make sure you're comfortable with the dermatologist, the office and the procedure before you actually allow the dermatologist to work on you. 

Dermatology Experience

During your consultation, ask the dermatologist about their past experiences. Ask if they have a portfolio of their past work. Ask if they have any references you might be able to contact. Ask if they have a specialty. Generally, you'll know if they specialize in a particular skin condition or dermatology treatment after you review their website. A public forum of references is also available on the Internet, through such sites as Yelp, YellowPages, Yahoo! and CitySearch. People post business reviews on these sites, allowing future customers to get a feel for the company before they even consider purchasing from them.

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