Pregnancy and Nutrition - Dealing With Morning Sickness
 by: Alicia McWilliams


A woman who does not face nausea during pregnancy is rare indeed. Almost all pregnant women will experience morning sickness at some time or the other and some women suffer from it almost all through their pregnancy. In a true sense, "Morning sickness" can be considered a misnomer as pregnant women will often tend to feel nauseous anytime during the day. Knowing some of the basics of pregnancy and nutrition could help lessen the extent of the morning sickness.

Morning sickness manifests itself in different degrees and may also differ from one pregnant woman to another. There are women who spend half the time during the first three months of the first pregnancy in the toilet as they are not able to take the smell of any kind of food. While in the next pregnancy they may not much of a problem. The best part is that this is a temporary phase and between the 12th to 14th week of their pregnancy women generally begin feeling well again. It is a fact that the baby growing inside is able to manage the situation in a much better way. Pregnancy and nutrition are related to each other. It may not be easy to eat healthy food during this period but you can eat some kinds of food which will make you feel much better during these uncomfortable months.

To begin with eat more often as it is a fact of pregnancy and nutrition that you tend to suffer from morning sickness more often due to an empty stomach. This is the reason for feeling awful when we get up in the morning. The acids in the stomach create a problem when there is no food in the stomach on which they can work. So start eating at least six small meals through the day to ensure that there is enough food in the stomach. You must eat frequently when you are in bed also. You can have a meal which is high in carbohydrates and protein like yogurt, cheese, crackers, raisins and nuts, before you sleep. You can keep a stock of crackers or ginger cookies on your bedside so that you can have them as you get up first thing in the morning.

It is good to have a lot of protein and carbohydrates as pregnancy and nutrition have much to do with each other. You can have more of fruits and crackers in the beginning of your pregnancy to feel more comfortable. There are some other useful snacks like whole grain toast, pretzels and saltines.

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