Skin Care For Youth And Radiance
 by: Andy Guides Jr


Your skin has to last for your entire lifetime. The better care you take of it now, the better it will treat you down the road. Everyone is different but caring for it is important. It is in your best interest to follow a good skin care regimen throughout your life and hold this important daily routine as highly as you would a healthy diet and a great exercise program.

Your face is the most important area of your body that you can care for and protect. It is the public you and you want to present it well. Your skin will fall into one of five types. Which type you are will dictate what kind of care you will need to keep it glowing and healthy. Oily-skin is prone to acne blemishes and blackheads that are unsightly and unhealthy. It has large pores and you will notice an oily appearance. Wash your face often and moisturize lightly.

You will feel tight and over-drawn if you have dry skin, especially after you wash with any kind of soap. A good moisturizer with aloe could help restore some luster to leathery patches. It can be flaky and hard to maintain but a little diligence goes a long way.

Consider yourself lucky if you have normal skin. You are among the majority but you still have to work to maintain your healthy glow and appearance. Wash, scrub, moistures and sunscreen are still necessary to look your very best all of the time.

Combination oily dry skin will be shiny, oily on the forehead and around the cheekbones, dry around the jaw line, and possibly leathery in places. You can treat these different areas of your face successfully with a little extra care and patience.

Sensitive skin will needs lots of love and a firm regimen of care. It easily flushes and you have fine, delicate pores with the possibility of broken capillaries and areas of rash. A sunscreen should be applied diligently: you cannot be lax when caring for sensitive skin.

Remember these four steps of skin care and you are sure to shine no matter what type you have. Always start with a thorough cleansing. A clean body will also accept moisturizers better than if it were dirty with clogged pores. Exfoliate daily after cleansing to remove dead skin and open pores. Use a scrub that has fine grains as big clumpy grains can do more damage than good. Moisturize after you open those pores with a good, brand name product. Remember, not too much or not too little. Moisturizing is for the whole body so go crazy. Finally, always remember to apply sunscreen. A moisturizer that has sunscreen can be used during the day but never at night. Take care of your skin and it will shine your whole life through.
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