Trillion Cut Diamonds - A Beauty Of Their Own
 by: Paul Easton

Trillion cut diamonds can be known as "trilliant" or "trielle" diamonds. It is a variation of a brilliant cut diamond with a triangular shape. The cut is designed to catch light well enough to bring out the luster and sparkle of the diamond.

Generally, the trillion cut diamond is three sided and has a total of 31 facets, with an ideal length to width aspect ratio of 1:1. The crown of the diamond can take on a more rounded shape with 25 facets or it could be a triangular shape with pointed edges. The crown refers to the upper portion of the diamond.

A trillion cut diamond is most often used as an accessory stone to a center stone on engagement rings. In traditional jewelry pieces, this stone is often set in the background as an enhancement to the center stone.

However, due to its brilliance and captivating design, it captures the personality of a person who doesn't like to fit  the mold. Hence, trillion cut are gaining popularity nowadays not just as a side stone but ashe center stone to a solitaire on engagement rings.

Its brilliance and sparkle have certainly caught the attention of those who are looking for adventurous designs in their jewelry. It has taken on the role of being the choice for people who like to go for the unconventional designs.

Since this design has gained a wide following, two variations of the trillion cut diamond gradually developed; The uncurved cut is for more traditional use of trillion cut diamonds as a side stone. Or the curved cut is used when the diamond is used as a center stone.

There are many elements that constitute a good trillion cut. Some of the things that has an impact on a diamond's overall brilliance are: the alignment and symmetry of the diamond's facets, the depth and width of the diamond as well as the polish. Also, the natural characteristics of the diamond have an impact on the design. The diamond's natural inclusions and blemishes can interfere with the passage of light thus, affecting its brilliance and sparkle.

So with respect to these elements, a suitable cut has to be made by the cutter to give the diamond its best design. Therefore, with all things being equal, a perfect design is still largely dependent on the jeweler's skill.

If you don't find classic jewelry pieces not fitting to your taste, you can find a very good alternative in trillion cut diamonds. It is, after all, a special designed gem of its own.

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