What is a Cushion Cut Aquamarine?
 by: Paul Easton


Cushion cut aquamarine? Despite the emergence of newer cuts and more popular gemstones, there are still plenty of men and women who prefer to wear this type of jewelry simply because they have seen and experienced the wondrous advantages the combination gives.

The Beauty of the Aquamarine

Though it is not as famous as its other gemstone counterparts such as rubies and diamonds, aquamarine is still sought after because of its hardness. In fact, it comes close to the diamond in the Mohs scale. This means that it does not get damaged easily and is well protected from scratches.

Even if it is predominantly blue, it still works very well with almost any type of skin and eye color. It can be worn when you are in your casual attire and when you are in your best suit or gown on special events. Because it shimmers or glimmers when exposed to light, there is no way that you cannot capture the attention of others.

Most of all, an aquamarine gemstone is usually free of any type of inclusion. You get the best value for your money, and when the stone is set in your favorite cut like the cushion cut, you are assured that little to no portion of it is being removed.

The Vintage Cushion Cut

Finding a cushion cut ring these days, particularly one that has an aquamarine stone, can be pretty hard because it has been dominated by better and newer cuts like marquise or princess. However, that does not mean that it is inferior in quality and beauty.

This type of cut is also known as the candlelight, because a long time ago it is best viewed under the candlelight. You will hardly miss it, though. The stones are larger and cut with rounded corners. It is necessary for the setting to have at least 4 prongs to make sure that the stone is well placed and protected. More may be needed if you are using a much larger aquamarine.

The charm of the cushion cut rings lies in the fact that it is a very classic cut and very romantic. That is why it is also being given away as an engagement ring. When placed side by side by other round cuts, cushion cuts always stand out. It also allows you to bring the attention directly into the stone, which should always be the highlight of any type setting or ring style.
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