Products that help with the post-stroke rehabilitation process
 by: Gareth Hoyle

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a stroke, then you really need to know about post stroke rehabilitation equipment and what it can do to assist the recovery process.

A stroke, which is sometimes called a brain attack, involves a problem with the amount of blood in the brain. If there is insufficient blood in the brain, for example, it leads to an ischemic stroke, whereas too much blood in the skull is the cause of a hemorrhagic stroke. The damage to the brain that is caused by either type of stroke can lead to the loss of vision, speech or, particularly appropriate to the subject of this article, movement in an arm or leg. Precisely which complications occur as a result of a stroke depends on the area of the brain that is affected.

How mirror boxes can aid the post-stroke rehabilitation process 

Mirror boxes, as well as their use as part of a programme of mirror box therapy, are something that you should be aware of if you are caring for a family member who has suffered a stroke or, indeed, if you have suffered a stroke yourself.

That's because mirror boxes assist the post-stroke rehabilitation process by 'tricking' the brain of a patient into thinking that they are actually moving their hand or limb. This, intriguingly enough, helps to reactivate the wiring between that part of the body and the brain... the wiring that can ultimately make it possible for the patient to  move their hand or limb again for real.

By persevering with mirror box therapy, the patient who is embarking on his or her post stroke rehabilitation journey stands to recover function to a much greater extent than would be possible without the therapy.

Get the post-stroke rehabilitation process to the best possible start... online

The Internet is a vital resource when one is looking for post-stroke rehabilitation equipment such as mirror boxes. Time is a vital commodity when recovery from stroke is at stake, which is why it makes so much sense to look online to rapidly find a reputable company that sells mirror boxes.
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