Do You Want More Information On An Acid Reflux Cure?

The stomach itself can cure you from acid reflux because it naturally gives off an acid reflux cure. Ideally, the stomach would maintain an acid condition of 1 to 3 pH. When this changes to a lower acid pH, like 3.5, this is when your stomach problems begin. Eating a variety of food and drinking various liquids during your meal can change your stomach pH. If your stomach pH moves higher than pH 3.0, this can lead to acid reflux.

Diseases like acid reflux or just stomach upsets occur when you eat a poor diet or eat improperly. This causes your stomach to distort its functions, the function of the surround valves which control the movement of food moving in and out of the your stomach, and the acid secretions from its walls.

Your stomach likes its acid to be 1 to 3 pH. What keeps your stomach acid at this level is a hormone called Gastrin. Your stomach lining will release this hormone when necessary to keep your stomach pH at 1 to 3. This hormone activates parietal cells, also located in the stomach lining, to release HCl acid. As more acid is pumped into the stomach, the pH drops down below 3, which signals the G cells to decrease or stop the release of Gastrin.

To create an acid reflux cure, you need to maintain control of your stomach pH. In the past people and doctors thought that acid reflux was caused by too much acid in the stomach. So pharmaceutical companies created products to reduce the amount of acid you have in your stomach, when you get acid reflux.

But this is the wrong approach for getting an acid reflux cure. When food enters into your stomach that is 6-7 pH or nearly alkaline, then this causes your G cells to pump out gastrin so that the stomach lining can inject HCl into your stomach to start breaking down your food and to lower the pH back to 2-3.

Gastrin also has other functions in your stomach. It controls your stomach contractions, which help to mix your stomach contents back and forth. After you food is mixed and broken down by your stomach acid, this mixture moves into your duodenum and small intestine.

In the duodenum, you continue to digest food and begin to absorb the food that is digested. The pancreas and the gallbladder release chemicals that help to continue to reduce your food down where it can then be absorbed through the small intestine walls.

Using over the counter product to reduce the strength of your stomach as is the wrong approach for an acid reflux cure. These products will block the creation of HCl during your meal and your stomach is signaled to release gastrin to produce more acid. Since a drug is blocking acid creation, the G cells believe that not enough acid is being released into the stomach so more gastrin is released.

Taking a 20 mg of Prilosec can result in the production of 3 to 4 times more Gastrin than necessary. When you take more Prilosec, 40 - 60 mg, this can result in 10 times more gastrin than needed. Long-term use of Prilosec put you at risk for stomach cancer.

To get an acid reflux cure don't depend on drug store product to give to you. Look to more natural products and natural remedies.
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