How Fast Can You HONESTLY Lose 10 LBS?
 by: Johnny Adams

I've been to many websites promising me some fast ways to burn fat. And one of the most popular term used around is to lose 10 LBS. Now, I'm no sceptic when it comes to losing weight fast, because I'm proud to say that I've finally achieved it myself. But when I came across a website that was proclaiming that it has the technique to shed 10 LBS in JUST 45 MINUTES, IT BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! Because that is simply RIDICULOUS. Below are some points which I think you should consider before giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

Abracadabra! Magic Pills Anybody? 

Everybody wants to burn their excess fat and gain that beautiful and sexy body fast. At the same time, I believe that nobody would want to endanger their body with FATAL DRUGS as well. Then why would you even consider things like magic fat burner pills when YOU KNOW it's the same thing as killing yourself! Is it because of the picture of that hot body in front that tells you I did it in less than an hour? SHAME ON YOU. Trust me when I say that the only thing those pills are going to get you burning is your HEALTH.

Suck It In, Strap It On, And Watch The LBS Fly Off!

Equipment are great aids when it comes to losing weight. But accessories that goes around your body to target fat burns on specific areas, that's just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I don't care how good those models look on television, it just defies the odds of human nature. And sometimes they even show you the effects of using them for just 30 minutes and PRESTO! 2-5 inches (5-10 LBS) just flew off miraculously. I bet you that they wouldn't dare to measure that person again in 30 minutes, because the LBS would miraculously FLY BACK!

Calculate The Impossibility: 

1 pound of body weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories. To lose 10 LBS means to lose 35,000 calories. And you want to lose that in 30-60 MINUTES!?!? First of all, your body is not going to take it well. It will reject whatever you're doing that's force the weight loss, or even worse, protect itself by storing MORE FAT! Phew, I can't even imagine what someone will have to go through if they wanted this. It's practically burning 500 calories PER MINUTE. 
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