How to Eliminate Snoring Naturally - What NOT to Do to Prevent Snoring!
 by: John Cielo

In this short article I'm going to take a different approach to showing you how to eliminate snoring naturally. Rather than telling you what to DO, I'm going to show you what you should NOT DO to prevent snoring at night...

First though, before we go into what not to do in order to eliminate snoring naturally, you need to get a feeling for how your snoring may be caused. I'm not a surgeon nor a medical doctor, so I'm going to use everyday language to give you a brief summary of the cause of snoring.

Snoring is essentially caused by 'stuff' that partly blocks your airways. What stuff? I hear you ask? Okay, the stuff is soft tissue that you have in your airways that, when you are awake, is kept in place by your muscles. But, when you are asleep your muscles relax thus allowing for the possibility that this soft tissue can 'move' into your airways.

The outcome is that your airways become partially blocked as you lie sleeping. The air that you breathe rushes back and forth inside your airways. But, when it has to flow through a restricted space, it actually has to flow faster to deliver and expel the same amount of air. This causes the air to become turbulent rather than smooth flowing. This then causes the relaxed soft tissue to vibrate, causing the horrible sounds of snoring.

Right, now that you know the basic cause of your snoring, let's look at the things you should NOT do if you truly wish to eliminate snoring naturally...

1. DO NOT drink alcohol before going to bed. You should not drink any alcohol within about 4 hours of bedtime. Alcohol can give you a 'kick' to start with, but in the space of a short time it then turns to a depressant. So that if you have drunk alcohol before bed, it relaxes your muscles even more than normal whilst you sleep. So there is nothing to prevent your soft tissue sliding into your airways.

2. In a similar way, DO NOT eat large meals too close to bedtime, if you wish to eliminate snoring. This is because a large meal sitting in your stomach as you sleep puts unnecessary pressure on your diaphragm which, in turn, helps to constrict your airway. Your body needs time to fully digest the food before you sleep, so don't eat food within 3 to 4 hours of going to bed.

3. DO NOT sleep on your back. If you sleep on your back, what can happen is that, when the muscles in and around you jaws relax, your bottom jaw falls down and away from the top jaw. This then restricts your airway. As your tongue is attached to your bottom jaw it moves back into the main airway causing even more blockage. There are snoring aids that you can buy to help you sleep on your side.

The above 3 tips on how to eliminate snoring naturally can be very effective if you stick with them. But, as with any condition, there are other things that you can do, or not do, to prevent snoring. One way that is growing in popularity is the use of exercises that help to revive muscles to prevent soft tissue blocking your airways...
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