Say Goodbye To Stomach Fat

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat
 by: Jeremy Thomas

One of the most useful ways for shedding excess fat is by doing some cardio activities. About three to five times each week of cardio, 45mins in length ought to be sufficient for anyone starting off.

Equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical cross-trainer or stationary bike will do just fine.

After you feel like you have mastered using such equipment, and want more of a challenge, the next step up is what is known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). What this involves is incorporating sudden high intensity aerobics into your workouts.

Using various kinds of exercise gear, running, using a jump rope or swimming are some forms of HIIT. In a moderate manner, begin conducting the selected exercise for half a minute.

Next, speed up and really push yourself to the max you feel you're able to reach for another 30 seconds. Then, bring your speed back to normal and follow the same routine again.

For a solid five to eight minutes carry on this routine, with about a five minute cool down period.

Routines Work Best with Some Strength Training

The importance of strength training is vital for building muscle, which in turn assists the body metabolize any fat properly.

5 days throughout the week of cardio should be enough. When it comes to strength-training doing it 3 days out of the week will be adequate.

A good strength training session should go on for at least 20 mins.

Either dumbbells, resistance bands or machines may be used for this.

An example template for training can be as follows -

Day 1 - Upper half of body (hammer curls, dead lifts, bench press and push ups)

Day 2 - Cardio Exercise

Day 3 - Bottom region (leg press, leg curls, and squats)

Day 4 - Aerobic exercise only

Day 5 - Stomach region (bicycle crunches, crunch, situps and exercise ball)

Day 6 - Only cardio activity

Day 7 - Take a day off 

Alter Your Diet Slightly

Absorbing less calories than the body gets rid of is important to realize. Alterations to what to consume in terms of meals can help you do this.

Look to add lean meats into your meals, together with green veggies and fruits.

Target the Stomach Muscles

It's almost impossible to simply forget one area and expect to have just that part trim down. Once you incorporate the right sorts of foods into your meals and get the needed amount of calories down, by also doing ab exercises, you can build sexy looking abs to show off.

There is some great exercises that have been known to really target the abs that are not crunches. A few of them are Yoga, cycling and possibly a bit of belly dancing too.

Eliminate Sugar and Salt

Fluids can be kept inside the body as a result of eating too much of sodium and sugar, especially surrounding one's stomach.

Ways to get around this are to look for foods that have low sodium content. Foods like frozen entrees, soups and sauces can include sodium too, so keep watching out for that.
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