The Best Workout For Each 6 Type Body Shapes
 by: Ken Ye

Your body shape is often based on the features of your physical as well as the overall balance of your body. Men generally are described as having an H-shape or apple shape while women can be pear, apple or hourly glass. There are recommended exercises for each type of body shapes (hourglass, pear, apple, H Frame, V-Frame, and Oval shape).

Pear shape individuals tend to have lower body structure; most pear shapes are referred to as "endomophs". These are people who have more fats deposited below their waste line, these people may be healthier than those who are apple shape and have more fats deposited at their upper region but they too still have some chances of developing some common diseases like stroke, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Exercises recommended for pear shape individuals are targeted towards the middle and lower regions. Compound exercises such as bent over-rows, push-ups, bent-over rows, Romanian dead lifts and squats. Efforts should also be put into avoiding fatty foods. Exercises mentioned here will help build the muscles in the upper body and balance such with the weight at the lower part of the body especially at the hips and waist.

V -shape is usually the shape found in some men, it comprises of a heavier muscular upper region and a thinner middle-lower region. Dead lift, bent-over barbell rows, and pull-ups/ chin ups are recommended exercises for V-shape individuals. Apple shape is similar to V-shape; apple shapes often have slim or thin waist and middle region while the upper region is heavier. Cardio work-outs are usually recommended for apple shape body individuals. The cardio workouts should also be targeted at flabby upper arms which must be made stronger.

Oval or Onion shape body is the most unhealthy body shape you can have. This body shape is characterized by a rounded figure with fat deposited on almost every region of the body. The first step towards the reshaping of an oval shape body is the removal of fats through proper dietary plans and steady cardio workouts. Stretching exercises including weight lifting, threads and other forms of exercises that will help balance the shape of the body and create more muscles to replace the stored fats are necessary.

H shaped individuals are rectangular in stature, exercises recommended for these individuals are those that will build muscles in the legs, arms and upper region as such will tone their horizontal frame to achieve a better proportionate body shape. Hourglass shape body is a perfect shape for a woman, exercises requite normal daily routine exercises such as jogging, stretching, and the use of elliptical machines to tone up the muscles of the legs and the generally body structure.
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