Hoarding can become a sickness that can impact on a person's health and cause disruptions in family relationships. A person with a hoarding problem will collect items to the point where getting around the house becomes a real challenge. Hoarding can especially have an mpact on a person's health if the individual begins accumulating food around the kitchen and the pantry.

The other area of the house that presents a health problem is a bathroom. Objects accumulate and make it difficult for the to get in and out of the shower and the tub. The toilet bowl is person another area that is not managed clean and a threat to the individuals health.
The process becomes a danger when the amount of items that are saved become obstructions for getting safely around the house. Here and there remain small pathways, but the litter on the floor makes it almost impossible to get from one area of the house to another without having to step on things.

Hoarders oftentimes become loners who depend strictly on themselves for care. They cannot realize the  consequences that will be incurred if they continue on their path of self-destruction. Along the way food piles up throughout the house and is left to rot and become mouldy, becoming a serious issue to the health of the hoarder. Often too, the hoarder  owns a dog or a cat. Taking care of themselves in itself is a problem, but with pets occupying the home, the chances of becoming sick significantly increases. .
Most excessive hoarders do not really see it as a problem. They really believe that the way they are living is nobody's business but their own. They take on a "butt-out attitude. They develop a warped sense of reality and adamantly go on collecting more stuff. Neighbors will often complain to the authorities if the hoarder is collecting stuff outside the house as well as inside. Many times the complaints are made by close members of the family who fear for the health of the hoarding relative.

The health department inevitably pays a visit to the owner of  the house and issues a mandate that the home be cleaned up or the owner will face eviction. Promises are made over and over, but in many cases does not comply and the cleaning never gets done. The hoarder usually gives in when the situation comes to a head and the homeowner is given a final notice or the eviction will take place.

Compulsive hoarders are so tied in to their collection, they are reluctant to have many articles taken away and make the process of cleaning up difficult. At this point in time a specialist who deals with hoarders is brought it to help with the transition. The specialist is trained to work with hoarders in letting go of many unneeded items or items that are dangerous to the health of the inhabitant.

The specialist may  have to work with the owner for long periods of time before the house is declared livable by the health department. In many cases. the specialist finds the process of a clean-up difficult and most demanding.