Kick The Habit. Does Cutting Down Work?
 by: Peter Kirwan

For anyone making the life changing the decision to finally kick the habit for good, it usually appears that the practice of gradually cutting down their cigarette use is a very viable and easy prospect. They'll actually be effectively cutting down on their nicotine intake.

The main theory being you'll reduce a step-at-a-time, the hunger for an often needed cigarette and so will ultimately quit smoking totally because your body and mind have gotten used to needing less and less, then at long last no nicotine at all.

A gradual cutting down of the daily amount of cigarettes is likely the most common way that people try to practice for quitting smoking and all that entails.

Maybe a person smoking 30 or so a day will cut down by 1 every day for the first week and then 2 for the following week, or maybe he/she will take slower or even maybe harsher increments for their plan of 'cutting down'.

The unfortunate truth behind it all is that though a gradual cut-down can and has surprisingly worked for a few people, it still simply doesn't cut it as well as people seem to think and nearly all people find that cutting gradually down on the consumption of tobacco very rarely brings about a complete end to the destructive practice of smoking.

There are many people who have in fact turned into casual smokers, who smoke from time to time at pubs, bars, or social functions and this type of smoker is usually always on edge and usually falls effortlessly back to their regular perilous smoking habits.

You have to think about it in real-life terms for a moment; if you manage for arguments sake to cut your smoking to only one cigarette a day, you'll be craving that one cigarette with a passion and you just won't get through the day comfortably when devoid of it.

It honestly takes the slightest of excuses now to ramp it back up again which of course will lead you straight back to the sad beginning in the quickest of times.

And then of course, up come the old excuses - damn, but we're good at that; "I was drinking so automatically smoked more" or "everyone around me was smoking".

After all is said and done, if you're serious about quitting there are other better ways than trying to slowly reduce to nothing. It appears on the face of it to be just challenging work for a committed smoker and merely causes him or her even further difficulties.

In summary; gradually cutting down on your smoking is very unlikely to do you any real favors but even though you're bound to find it a little tough at first, being able to kick the habit is much easier than you think  YOU ONLY HAVE TO WANT TO!

Quitting smoking naturally, speedily, and permanently isn't and has never been about overly complicated systems and/or poisonous pills and patches - it's all about simplicity, a little bit of will-power and some genuine tried and tested tobacco-quitting knowledge.
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