Severity of Asthma - 4 Categories and the Different Characteristics
 by: Adam Rise

Asthma is different for each individual and the intensity and duration of the asthma attack or episode can greatly determine the severity of one's sickness. There are actually four categories that cover the severity and they possess different characteristics as well as need different kinds of intervention and medication.

1) Mild Asthma 

What is mild asthma? Well, from the name itself, it is a generally minimal form, which occurs sporadically. It can also be considered a seasonal condition only. Major symptoms of mild asthma include breathlessness and wheezing and it can be experienced a couple of times a month. Triggering factors may include physical-related events such as exercise. The attacks of this kind are just mild and the symptoms are only present during the attack itself.

It can be relieved with the use of a bronchodilator. However, it must be noted that a bronchodilator must only be used to alleviate symptoms when they are actually present and not to be used to prevent an oncoming attack.

2) Moderate Asthma 

Unlike mild asthma that occurs only about a couple of times in a month, this type occurs a couple of times a week. The asthma symptoms such as wheezing and coughing are present usually at night.

Exercise may be one of the triggers. The symptoms can last for several days at a time and may result in compromising the immune system and overall health of an individual. When a person is having a moderate asthma attack, medical help, and intervention may be needed to avoid complications and other problems.

3) Severe Asthma 

People who are diagnosed with severe asthma suffer from continuous symptoms and must live through frequent asthma episodes. The attacks of people with this type are definitely more frequent than the asthma attacks experienced by individuals who have mild or moderate.

Individuals who have this type must change or adapt their lifestyle so their condition will be controlled and will not become worse. The overall activities of people diagnosed with are affected and there are some activities that they cannot do or engage in due to their medical condition. It is also common for people who are diagnosed with this type to experience sleep disturbances.

Frequent hospitalization and visits to the doctor are not new to people who have severe asthma. This kind requires close and careful monitoring so the condition can be controlled and best treated for the individual patient.

Some common triggers of severe asthma include exercise, common allergens, and cold air. There are available medications that control the attacks but the best and most trusted way to handle severe attacks is through hospitalization.

4) Brittle Asthma 

Brittle asthma is said to be the most severe level among all the asthma categories. It is actually a very rare medical condition. This type is said to be a very unpredictable medical condition and the attacks are said to be extremely severe and can be fatal.

To help control and alleviate this medical condition preventative and episodic medication is available. Bronchodilators, nebulizers, and steroid tablets are also used as long-term treatment and maintenance for brittle asthma.

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