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How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore In Less Than 2 Days - Things You Can Do To Quickly Treat Your Cold Sore
 by: Sarin Carlson F

I started to get a cold sore yesterday and it's just two blisters on my bottom lip but I've had bad experiences with cold sores going insane and I want to know if anyone knows a way to get rid of a cold sore in less than 2 days, (or at least make it really small). I'm going to a banquet/reception on Saturday and I REALLY want to get rid of this thing before then. I'm currently putting Zovirax on it, which tends to work, but if anyone knows a better way, I really appreciate it. How to be Rid Of A Cold Sore In Less Than 2 Days ?

If you also have a cold sore and want to treat it, then here are some few tips that might help you out: Zovirax is usually good for healing cold sores within a few days . I find that using a facial astringent to dry out the blisters usually works. Put some astringent on some kleenex/cotton balls/anything like that, and then press and hold it to the blisters. It'll sting a little, but it dries it out, which is good.

Apply some Zovirax after the astringent dries it out, and then repeat this process throughout the day and it should be fine.

I use Zovirax, but I also put Neosporin on mine as well. It doesn't dry your mouth out the way Zovirax does, and drying it out almost makes it look worse. Is the Zovirax the same as Abreva?? OH. Heard by the rumor of cold sore people. They also take lysine. Found in the vitamins. well I was getting a cold sore but all I did was swipe it down with alcohol a few times a day and I did use a little bit of Neosporin and the cold sore never actually form or use carmax instead of Neosporin

Cold sores don’t heal because they are constantly getting moist and never get a chance to scab over and heal. So logic dictates that some kind of barrier to stop it getting moist should help with the healing process. Might I suggest horse dung on your lips? It will definitely stop you licking your lips.
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