Great Legs

Losing Weight Naturally – Top Tips For Developing Killer Legs…
 by: Peter Kirwan

Your thighs are another large muscle area that like your abdomen area, can
very easily turn to soft flab, which of course will have a negative effect on your
overall strength and health. They very definitely need to form part of your
overall plan for effectively losing weight naturally and permanently.

In fact, it's probably your inner-thigh muscles that are mostly ignored and
you'll discover that even if people do a few good leg exercises on a regular
basis they often still retain soft un-toned inner-thighs.

To recap for just a moment; a thigh is not just one large muscle but a collective
group of smaller muscles working down there, so whilst you do exercises like
 walking or running or even squats you're merely targeting particular individual
muscles which still leave your inner-thighs in need of some additional specific
and targeted fat-burning workout.

The best type of exercise for your thighs is one that covers a total range of
individual muscles within that specific muscle group. That exercise is;

"The Forward Lunge"

The  lunge has a few good variations, including the reverse lunge and the
side-ways forward lunge but the straightforward (pardon the unintended pun)
and simple forward lunge is the most commonly used and has a particularly
significant effect on your inner thighs without having to get too technical with
the other lunge types.

Of course, I'm saying 'simple' here but you will need to get used to lunges if
you've not attempted them before. But it's like anything else you've ever done,
practice makes perfect - they will get easier to execute as your inner-thighs
strengthen and tone. After all this is exactly why we need to do them isn't it?

I also want to just mention that although this exercise alone will make a great job
toward the toning and strengthening of your thighs, for real killer legs you ought
to be combining lunges with other thigh exercises and weight-losing strategies.
You'll then see much speedier results.

So what's a forward lunge anyway?

Well, it's a slightly exaggerated step forward from a standing position. You stand
straight, feet slightly apart as though waiting for a bus. You next take your one
foot forward (don't over-step, just take a good sized step) and leisurely bend the
forward leg at the knee so that the thigh of your back leg finishes parallel
with the floor.

Return the forward foot back to its' previous spot while standing straight again
and duplicate the process with your other foot - do as many repetitions as suits you
 or your exercise program.

You should feel your inner and outer thigh muscles being stretched and worked
and then as your thighs get sturdier you can graduate up to doing them with
dumb-bells in your hands.

In summary; the simplest weight loss systems, methods or programs constantly
prove to be the most effective. It's a whole lot easier than you've been led to believe.
So focus on your targets and stick with them.

Natural, speedy, healthy and permanent weight-loss isn't and has never been about overly complicated dieting systems and/or poisonous diet pills - it's all about simplicity, a bit of will-power and genuine weight-loss knowledge.
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