High Heels

High Heel Problems You Didn't Know About
 by: George Hutton

Many people would quickly agree that a women is somehow more attractive when she's wearing a decent pair of high heels. She's taller, her posture is altered somewhat to better accentuate her figure, and she can develop a more sophisticated walk while wearing high heels. There are some downsides, however. High heels are responsible for a host of health problems that can cause significant pain and suffering later in life.

If you frequently wear high heels, then this article is for you. Certainly, it is neither likely or desirable to rid the world of high heels altogether. But it is important to realize and understand the health ramifications of consistent and long-term wear. Knowing the dangers can help you to choose more wisely in the future, which can help you to suffer less later in life.

The primary danger to wearing high heels is that the weight of your body is unnaturally and unevenly distributed. There is a lot of extra pressure put on the inside of your knees when wearing high heels. Much more than our bodies were designed for. The knees are an area that is at risk in many women for developing arthritis later in life. If it is over stressed, it may increase the chances of developing arthritis later on.

The second danger is that the calf muscle is at risk of being shortened. While wearing high heels gives shape to your lower legs, this may come at a cost. The cost of a shortened calf muscle is much tighter Achilles tendon, which can cause heal problems later in life. The Achille's tendon attaches the calf muscle to the heel bone, and when damaged can create an enormous amount of pain.

The third area for danger is the incredible amount of pressure put on the smaller toes. With all the weight shifting downward, there is an incredible amount of pressure on the smaller metatarsal bones of the smaller toes. The body can react by increasing the size of the nerves within those toes, which can later cause a great deal of pain later in life. With frequent and extended wear, the smaller toes can be physically contracted, and will be permanently disfigured.

Billions of dollars are spent around the world on fashion every year. Shoes are no small part of this. You don't have to go far to find a shoe store selling the latest fashions. To expect people to simply stop wearing high heels would be unrealistic, and ridiculous. It is realistic, however, to know the risks of wearing high heels. If you wear them too often, the benefits you receive today may be overshadowed by the pain and suffering you'll receive in the future.
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