Plus Size Shopping

 by: Sue Mazor

When you shop online for women's plus size clothing,‭ you will find hundreds, probably thousands, of online sites to shop from.‭ ‬We understand that it can be an overwhelming experience,‭ ‬especially for the first time online shopper.‭ ‬Sometimes ‬even after a little experience, you may still be a bit overcome by all the choices.‭

There are advantages and disadvantages to online shopping for women's plus-sized clothing. Listed below are some of both of them that you may or may not have thought of before. 


Privacy regarding your credit information 

‭ You can be dressed (or not). 

‭ You focus on shopping for yourself 

‭ You can shop in the middle of the night, when all the stores are closed. 

‭ You save gas money, you will then have more money to buy your plus-sized clothing. 

‭ Saves time 

‭ showering and dressing 

‭ getting into the car 

‭ driving to the mall 

‭ fighting traffic 

‭ finding a parking spot 

‭ Weather is not an important factor. 

‭ Guaranteed satisfaction 

‭ Liberal return policies by most of the merchants giving you 60-90 days (usually) to return their products, if not satisfied. 

‭ Anticipating receipt of your purchases. 

‭ No tiny dressing rooms to fight with (we've all had that experience). 

‭ Eliminates the ridicule or embarrassment from other shoppers. 

Larger selection of women's plus-sized clothes and merchants 

‭ You don't take the kids shopping online with you. 

‭ No toy shopping 

‭ No food court 

‭ No potty breaks 

‭ No whining, crying or screaming 

‭ No embarrassing yelling for control 


‭ Addiction to shopping online 

‭ Inability to try on clothes before you buy 

‭ Lack of instant gratification 

‭ You don't get out of the house. 

‭Preparing for your online ‬shopping trip 

‭Now we would like you to prepare for your virtual shopping trip. First of all, have your tape measure available. Second, have pencil/pen and paper at the ready. You'll need some assistance when you do the measuring. Ask a friend to help. You will need to measure parts of your body that you haven't thought about. You may even need an equivalency chart to show the measurements in inches versus metric. These are the body parts to be measured: 

‭ Bust;

‭ Waist;

‭ Inseam

‭ from between your legs to wherever you like your pants to stop;

‭ Length from shoulder to hips

‭ Measure from the top of your shoulder to where you like your blouses/tops to come to;

‭ Length from shoulder to knees

‭ To where you like your dresses to end 


‭ After a while, your clothes may become too loose or too tight and you will need to re-measure everything again. Write down your new measurements before your next virtual shopping trip.

‭ When you receive your purchases, keep all packing materials in case of returns. Most merchants require you to use this material and their shipping labels to return any item.

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