Self Tanning Lotion

To get the right results employing a self -tanning lotion, try a small portion first or use a high-quality product to be sure that no oil remains on the surface of the skin.

 Be sure to use gloves.   Gloves help you prevent your palms from turning an ugly orange color. Be sure the gloves fit tight over your hands, otherwise, you are going to have problems applying the lotion evenly. You can clean your hands with a mild solution of bleach in the event that it is necessary.

Apply the lotion,  starting from your feet and working your way up your body. Also, be sure to read the manufacturers directions carefully on how to apply the lotion.

At every section, when you apply the self-tanning lotion, work it into the skin till it's fully absorbed. Don't be vigorous at this, a delicate motion can do, you only need to form positive that you simply get the total good thing about the lotion.

If you want to tan your face, get a product designed for just that purpose When you purchase the facial tanning lotion, ask if you can add a little of the body lotion to it if it doesn't match the color of your body lotion.

Gently add lotion to the backs of your hand, elbows, knees, and soles of you feet, Wipe away any excess lotion that might accumulate in these areas of your body. Finally, be sure everything is totally dry before you get dressed.

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