Plus Size Shopping

 by: Sue Mazor

When you shop online for women's plus size clothing,‭ you will find hundreds, probably thousands, of online sites to shop from.‭ ‬We understand that it can be an overwhelming experience,‭ ‬especially for the first time online shopper.‭ ‬Sometimes ‬even after a little experience, you may still be a bit overcome by all the choices.‭

There are advantages and disadvantages to online shopping for women's plus-sized clothing. Listed below are some of both of them that you may or may not have thought of before. 


Privacy regarding your credit information 

‭ You can be dressed (or not). 

‭ You focus on shopping for yourself 

‭ You can shop in the middle of the night, when all the stores are closed. 

‭ You save gas money, you will then have more money to buy your plus-sized clothing. 

‭ Saves time 

‭ showering and dressing 

‭ getting into the car 

‭ driving to the mall 

‭ fighting traffic 

‭ finding a parking spot 

‭ Weather is not an important factor. 

‭ Guaranteed satisfaction 

‭ Liberal return policies by most of the merchants giving you 60-90 days (usually) to return their products, if not satisfied. 

‭ Anticipating receipt of your purchases. 

‭ No tiny dressing rooms to fight with (we've all had that experience). 

‭ Eliminates the ridicule or embarrassment from other shoppers. 

Larger selection of women's plus-sized clothes and merchants 

‭ You don't take the kids shopping online with you. 

‭ No toy shopping 

‭ No food court 

‭ No potty breaks 

‭ No whining, crying or screaming 

‭ No embarrassing yelling for control 


‭ Addiction to shopping online 

‭ Inability to try on clothes before you buy 

‭ Lack of instant gratification 

‭ You don't get out of the house. 

‭Preparing for your online ‬shopping trip 

‭Now we would like you to prepare for your virtual shopping trip. First of all, have your tape measure available. Second, have pencil/pen and paper at the ready. You'll need some assistance when you do the measuring. Ask a friend to help. You will need to measure parts of your body that you haven't thought about. You may even need an equivalency chart to show the measurements in inches versus metric. These are the body parts to be measured: 

‭ Bust;

‭ Waist;

‭ Inseam

‭ from between your legs to wherever you like your pants to stop;

‭ Length from shoulder to hips

‭ Measure from the top of your shoulder to where you like your blouses/tops to come to;

‭ Length from shoulder to knees

‭ To where you like your dresses to end 


‭ After a while, your clothes may become too loose or too tight and you will need to re-measure everything again. Write down your new measurements before your next virtual shopping trip.

‭ When you receive your purchases, keep all packing materials in case of returns. Most merchants require you to use this material and their shipping labels to return any item.

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Sport The Trendiest Swim Wear This Summer

 by: Jan Wolkov

If you want to look fabulous on the beach, check out the newest swimwear trends. You have the option to choose a suitable swimsuit from classic tankinis, halters, bandeau styles and many more. Add some accessories to your swimwear and get the most flattering look.

Looking your best on the beach totally depends upon the type of bikini you choose and the way you carry it. Choosing the right bikini is essential as it will help you enhance your best features. From the numerous designs and styles available in the market, you can choose the one that compliments your personality. To jazz up your look a bit more, you can add some accessories like hats, jewelry,  and sunglasses. If you want to make a style statement, try out some of the best designs of this season. Sporting a swimsuit that reflects your personal style makes you look even better. Find yourselves the type of bikini that accentuates your curves and hide your flaws.

Whether you choose a modest or a skimpy bikini, make sure you carry it with confidence. Bandeau top bikinis and triangle top bikinis are the most flattering swimwear for women with smaller bust. A bandeau top helps keep away tanning lines. A tankini top is always trendy that hides the flab around waist. A tankini is a combination of a tank top. It is ideal for those of you who don't want to show off the tummy. Thick straps are good for the wide shoulders that make them appear less broad.

If you have a heavy bust, you should try out the halter bikinis. Since halters are tied around the neck and on the back, these offer support to the bust. The cover up the whole midriff. Avoid wearing necklace with the halters, but add a charm or a bracelet for a more stunning appearance. Bikini Separates are a good option to blend different styles and designs. When you mix and match your separates, look for the same pattern. From the most revealing bottoms to the boys shorts and traditional string bikinis that are knotted at both sides, you should choose a bottom that you are most comfortable with.

Trina Turk swimwear is the attention grabbers of this season. Her collection of swim wears includes many different styles and designs that are ruling the fashion world. Embellished with a classic touch, her bikinis have bold prints on both the bottoms and the tops. Her collection has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and many celebrities like Mischa Barton, Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Grossman have flaunted her swim wears. You can show off one of her bikinis that are widely acclaimed for their fabulous designs and amazing fit. To make your swimming attire complete, you should team up a wide hat in a color that suits your swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses that come in different shapes and styles. The hat will provide protection to your face from the sun rays. These two will add an appeal to your look.

If you want to sport a trendy bikini this summer, you can search the Internet and find the hottest collection of Trina Turk swimwear and choose the most suitable one.


A few Tips To Keep Your Acne Away

 by: Mark De Schutter

Beautiful skin is one major sign of beauty that many are fortunate to have. Many people will spend lots of money just to have skin that is healthy. This can be done naturally by using commercial products. Here are 5 steps to cure acne for good.

Acne problems and breakouts are torture to the average teenager

Breakouts and acne problems are the fodder for teenagers' nightmares. The problem gets worse when a grown adult has to deal with the same breakouts and issues they dealt with as young people. It can be devastating, embarrassing and humiliating to have this kind of problem. They search for the top 5 tips to keep acne away.

No one wants to have to deal with severe blemishes. Mothers remind their children to wash their faces and hands to reduce the amount of dirt and grease that cover a person's skin.Sweat can cause pores to become filled with oil. People use astringents to open and clear these pores.

Blackheads and redness are also problems that people suffer from. Everyone wants to eliminate skin issues as quickly and painlessly as possible. After numerous attempts at dermatologists, people are looking for the best and safest methods they can find.

It takes time to clear up blemished skin to perfection. Many people use chemicals and ointments on their face that do not seem to want to work. They take over the counter drugs or medications prescribed by doctors and still see no results.

It is incredibly frustrating when a person tries everything they can and still find no success. They may turn to holistic moves when they have tried everything conventional they can think of. Holistic is a natural approach to medical procedures and processes.

One of the best ways to reduce acne is through stress relief. Potential side effects worry people who have a lot of trouble with their skin. Skin problems are some of the most difficult issues to deal with. Rashes and itching can make people extremely frustrated.

In essence, there are more than 5 ways to keep acne away but the main methods are lowered stress levels, prescription medications, liniments or ointments, astringents and through holistic methods. It is absolutely possible to find success clearing blemishes from the skin.

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"Acne No More "

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Fibromyalgia - The Simple Facts

Fibromyalgia is an oft misdiagnosed and generally misunderstood ailment which has a rather diverse set of symptoms, none of which are particularly pleasant. During my research period in preparation for this article, I noticed a great deal of inconsistencies regarding the purported “facts” regarding the causes, symptoms and statistics of these      syndrome/disease/disorder. Let’s see if we can’t separate opinion and agenda from actual   fact.

Theories on Causes 

First and foremost no one really knows what causes it. There are numerous studies underway by reputable medical organisations (such as the Nation Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases - NIAMS) which are geared towards establishing, once and for all, the scientific route cause of Fibromyalgia. Numbered amongst the current scientific theories is the inherent genetic factor, but even in this it appears that geneticists are unclear as to which genes may be responsible. It is clear though that just because one of your parents has it, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be on the receiving end later.

Stress is another favourite factor to include on the “rap sheet” when you’re not sure what the cause is, but it could be a factor, if not the primary cause. Other hypothesizes include:

Hypodopaminergia - Which in short means you’re having trouble with your pain receptors. 

Abnormal serotonin metabolism – Which means that your serotonin production or control is hampered somehow (Serotonin is a great thing. It makes you happy and also helps with controlling sleep, concentration and pain levels).

Psychological Status – Like stress, depression has a debilitating effect on the human immune system but it seems more logical that both stress and depression are natural symptoms of Fibromyalgia, rather than causes. After all, being in constant pain would make most people rather unhappy so let’s not waste time getting overly technical as too many sources do.

Physical trauma – Here we may be onto something which actually contributes to cause rather than effect. It seems to be generally agreed upon that physical injury (especially to the neck) has been a stable precursor to developing Fibromyalgia. I’m not going to try and quote percentages since, once again, sources differ too widely to be accurate. It does, however, make more sense that if a subject was inclined to (or was already) developing the syndrome, the impact would hasten this.

To mention it once more, though, no one yet knows what the actual cause is and it’s entirely possible that a combination of these and other factors are responsible, rather than simply one or two of them.


Most people who read an article on this subject are already aware of the symptoms because they or a loved one are a sufferer, but let’s go through some of them anyway. Unfortunately, the two sensations most related to Fibromyalgia are pain and fatigue. Other indicators may include muscle spasms, weakness, muscle twitches, palpitations, cognitive fogs, joint aches (very much like arthritis), bowel issues and chronic sleep difficulties.

It sounds bad, and it is, but the good news is that if the cause isn’t curable, then the symptoms are at least treatable. There are many homeopathic and chemical options for fatigue treatment as well as ranges for healthy pain medication. There are vitamin supplements and professional physical therapy classes (avoid chiropractors for now, until the syndrome is better understood) that, combined with the right medication, will give you back some quality of life again.

First and foremost if you’re exhibiting several of these symptoms then see you doctor and let him or her know of your suspicions. And if it turns out that you have developed the syndrome then remember that it’s not the end of your world, just the start of better management of it and every day the experts are getting that much closer to a complete solution for Fibromyalgia.


Growing Your Own Herbs For Herbal Remedies
 by: Nick Vassilev

If you've been interested in natural methods of running your household or in herbal remedies for everyday ailments, have you ever wondered how easy it would be to grow your own herbs so you can make your own tinctures and teas? Some folk think that it must be really easy, as every decent-sized household in days gone by used to have a stillroom and its herb garden. Other folk who don't feel particularly green-thumbed shudder at the prospect. So is growing your own medicinal herbs hard or easy?
It depends on which herbs you're trying to grow and how these herbs are to be used. Let's take some extremes. You are probably not going to have much success growing guarana (a tropical vine) in your typical English garden, so this one isn't easy to grow, even though it's widely used in weight loss supplements. Lavender is much easier to grow in our climate - the strongly-scented variety of lavender is known as English lavender, after all - but few of us have the space needed to grow the quantities required for extracting and distilling the essential oil (if you have the space and the inclination, it makes a great cottage industry for small lifestyle blocks, though). But garlic is pretty straightforward to grow as well as being a potent herbal remedy.

And the real fun is that you can grow herbs at home organically instead of paying a premium for organic herbal supplements.

No matter what you try to grow, do your homework. Some herbs may be used medicinally and may be easy to grow, but you need to know which bit of the plant should be used and how to use it.

Foxgloves may be easy to grow and an extract from them may be used in heart medications (fact) but if you don't know how to extract the active principle properly, you could poison yourself horribly easily. The same goes with rhubarb: the root is used as a laxative and a hair dye, the stems are used in puddings and the leaves are horribly poisonous. So if in doubt, don't!

But some medicinal herbs are easy to grow:

Garlic. This needs to be planted in a well-drained soil. It makes a great companion plant to keep pests away from tomatoes (another natural living bonus). Plant individual cloves in midwinter and harvest them in midsummer. You can eat every part of the plant, but the cloves are the best part. Garlic is such a potent herb medicinally that you should inform your doctor that you are taking it - or even eating it raw on your pasta on a regular basis.

Aloe vera: This is more of an indoor plant in England but it grows well in a nice, sunny windowsill. Don't overwater it, as it is a desert plant. Use the gel inside the thick succulent leaves on the skin as an ointment for burns and other skin ailments or as a moisturiser, or eat the leaves as a laxative.

Apples: Not a herb, so much, but the fruit is certainly a good digestive aid (good for treating diarrhoea as well as constipation), as well as being a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Apples grow on a tree, of course, and need a bit of space plus some regular pruning. Blackcurrants: Another medicinal fruit that's a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Blackcurrants grow from cuttings and don't get too big, so they are suitable for suburban gardens. Birds don't seem to attack them too much - they don't have anywhere to perch while eating. Blackcurrants like a cooler climate and are deciduous.

Dandelion: Herbalists use this herb (or weed, depending on your perspective) as a diuretic and as a general cleanser, especially of the liver. Some people suggest that it can help ease PMS symptoms, particularly fluid retention. Notoriously easy to grow - you don't have to try too hard to get a lovely crop of dandelions in your garden. Both the leaves and the root are used medicinally as a tea.

Peppermint: All mints like growing in damp, shady areas. Peppermint is a digestive aid and to ease migranes and colds. We all know how good menthol (the essential oil of peppermint) is for nasal congestion. While you might not grow enough to make your own essential oil, it's easy enough to grow enough to make your own peppermint tea. Use the leaves dry or fresh.

White willow: Another tree that you might be able to fit into your garden. The inner bark is used as a natural form of aspirin. Willows of all varieties grow very readily from cuttings. Willow trees may even be too easy to grow once you've got them established - more than one gardener or tree surgeon has lamented that willow is next to impossible to get rid of.


Losing Weight

Losing Weight Naturally – How To Diarize
Your Achie
 by: Peter Kirwan

A lot of people will probably think that a weight-loss diary is just an unnecessary time-consuming waste but it really isn't at all. It can be truly beneficial to those who want to take clear step-by-step planned action for losing weight naturally while blocking out all the confusing and contradictory information that's floating around.

We're all different of course, but for a number of us keeping a diary could actually be a straightforward way of helping to get a shot of that superfluous ugly and unneeded weight.

Every day all kinds of people everywhere are needing a weight-loss program but don't know where to start or believe they're too busy, so end up doing nothing - a diary can grow to be a very powerful knowledge base and a serious motivational tool.

Recording details in a daily diary is obviously a routine thing and is a responsibility that's felt by many people to be a waste of time, but it really only takes a very brief time and it can be real supportive to know things such as; your everyday calorie or food intake, an exact account of the exercise you performed - so you know exactly how far you can expand your goals tomorrow!

Other typical recordings would be your weight and waist size etc. The motivation caused by seeing these measurements each day can be extraordinary as they get smaller.

It can be of great value when seen as the powerful tool it seriously is

The real strength of a weight-loss diary is that it quickly develops into a big and experience-based database of printed knowledge that plainly shows the gains (or losses if you like) that you're making for the period of your weight loss program, which is an unsurpassed tool for goal setting or re-setting and the overall craving for better results.

It's totally your decision whether or not you keep a diary, after all some people are very proficient at recording and keeping stock of their achievements without the need to put pen to paper but plenty of other people are simply not capable of relying on memory alone and very often end up utterly confused about what they've already completed and what they should be doing after that.

They really should help themselves by optimizing their weight-dropping efforts and record all the details involved!

To summarize; if it helps your attempt to lose unwanted weight effectively and easily, why not use a diary? Focus, set your targets and stick to them.

Natural, speedy, and permanent weight-loss isn't and has never been about overly complicated dieting systems and/or poisonous diet pills - it's all about simplicity, a little bit of will-power and some genuine tried and tested weight-loss knowledge.

Great Legs

Losing Weight Naturally – Top Tips For Developing Killer Legs…
 by: Peter Kirwan

Your thighs are another large muscle area that like your abdomen area, can
very easily turn to soft flab, which of course will have a negative effect on your
overall strength and health. They very definitely need to form part of your
overall plan for effectively losing weight naturally and permanently.

In fact, it's probably your inner-thigh muscles that are mostly ignored and
you'll discover that even if people do a few good leg exercises on a regular
basis they often still retain soft un-toned inner-thighs.

To recap for just a moment; a thigh is not just one large muscle but a collective
group of smaller muscles working down there, so whilst you do exercises like
 walking or running or even squats you're merely targeting particular individual
muscles which still leave your inner-thighs in need of some additional specific
and targeted fat-burning workout.

The best type of exercise for your thighs is one that covers a total range of
individual muscles within that specific muscle group. That exercise is;

"The Forward Lunge"

The  lunge has a few good variations, including the reverse lunge and the
side-ways forward lunge but the straightforward (pardon the unintended pun)
and simple forward lunge is the most commonly used and has a particularly
significant effect on your inner thighs without having to get too technical with
the other lunge types.

Of course, I'm saying 'simple' here but you will need to get used to lunges if
you've not attempted them before. But it's like anything else you've ever done,
practice makes perfect - they will get easier to execute as your inner-thighs
strengthen and tone. After all this is exactly why we need to do them isn't it?

I also want to just mention that although this exercise alone will make a great job
toward the toning and strengthening of your thighs, for real killer legs you ought
to be combining lunges with other thigh exercises and weight-losing strategies.
You'll then see much speedier results.

So what's a forward lunge anyway?

Well, it's a slightly exaggerated step forward from a standing position. You stand
straight, feet slightly apart as though waiting for a bus. You next take your one
foot forward (don't over-step, just take a good sized step) and leisurely bend the
forward leg at the knee so that the thigh of your back leg finishes parallel
with the floor.

Return the forward foot back to its' previous spot while standing straight again
and duplicate the process with your other foot - do as many repetitions as suits you
 or your exercise program.

You should feel your inner and outer thigh muscles being stretched and worked
and then as your thighs get sturdier you can graduate up to doing them with
dumb-bells in your hands.

In summary; the simplest weight loss systems, methods or programs constantly
prove to be the most effective. It's a whole lot easier than you've been led to believe.
So focus on your targets and stick with them.

Natural, speedy, healthy and permanent weight-loss isn't and has never been about overly complicated dieting systems and/or poisonous diet pills - it's all about simplicity, a bit of will-power and genuine weight-loss knowledge.

High Heels

High Heel Problems You Didn't Know About
 by: George Hutton

Many people would quickly agree that a women is somehow more attractive when she's wearing a decent pair of high heels. She's taller, her posture is altered somewhat to better accentuate her figure, and she can develop a more sophisticated walk while wearing high heels. There are some downsides, however. High heels are responsible for a host of health problems that can cause significant pain and suffering later in life.

If you frequently wear high heels, then this article is for you. Certainly, it is neither likely or desirable to rid the world of high heels altogether. But it is important to realize and understand the health ramifications of consistent and long-term wear. Knowing the dangers can help you to choose more wisely in the future, which can help you to suffer less later in life.

The primary danger to wearing high heels is that the weight of your body is unnaturally and unevenly distributed. There is a lot of extra pressure put on the inside of your knees when wearing high heels. Much more than our bodies were designed for. The knees are an area that is at risk in many women for developing arthritis later in life. If it is over stressed, it may increase the chances of developing arthritis later on.

The second danger is that the calf muscle is at risk of being shortened. While wearing high heels gives shape to your lower legs, this may come at a cost. The cost of a shortened calf muscle is much tighter Achilles tendon, which can cause heal problems later in life. The Achille's tendon attaches the calf muscle to the heel bone, and when damaged can create an enormous amount of pain.

The third area for danger is the incredible amount of pressure put on the smaller toes. With all the weight shifting downward, there is an incredible amount of pressure on the smaller metatarsal bones of the smaller toes. The body can react by increasing the size of the nerves within those toes, which can later cause a great deal of pain later in life. With frequent and extended wear, the smaller toes can be physically contracted, and will be permanently disfigured.

Billions of dollars are spent around the world on fashion every year. Shoes are no small part of this. You don't have to go far to find a shoe store selling the latest fashions. To expect people to simply stop wearing high heels would be unrealistic, and ridiculous. It is realistic, however, to know the risks of wearing high heels. If you wear them too often, the benefits you receive today may be overshadowed by the pain and suffering you'll receive in the future.


Can Sunglasses Prevent Laser Eye Surgery?
 by: Kathryn Dawson

Sunglasses are usually thought of as just a fashion accessory, but in fact, sunglasses are far more than this. Yes, they do come in a range of styles, sizes and colours and, of course, many come with designer price tags, but they do fulfill another important role - that of protection from the sun. The eyes are an extremely delicate part of the body. They can become easily damaged when hit or poked or exposed continuously to the sun. Although you may not realise it, the sun constantly emits UV rays whether it's sunny or cloudy that can do enormous damage if not protected against. We all know of the dangers of skin cancers caused by the sun, but how many consider the dangers to the eyes?

It is not direct sunlight itself that presents the danger, it is in fact, reflection from the objects around. Light, sand and snow, in particular, can reflect up to 85% of UV rays into the eyes. The eyebrow works as a shield when directly facing the sign and a hat can also protect the eyes to a degree, but when you add reflected light into the equation, the protection is simply not enough. Good sunglasses are absolutely crucial during the summer and when near water or snow.

There are three types of UV radiation - UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is absorbed the Earth itself so pose no threat to the health of our eyes. The same cannot be said for UVA and UVB however. UVB rays are absorbed by the eye and although do not travel as far as the retina located at the back of the eye, can affect the lens which can, in turn, cause or speed up the development of cataracts. UVA rays despite being absorbed in lesser qualities can penetrate the retina, and it is this that can cause macular degeneration. This is a very serious condition that if left untreated can cause blindness.

Although there is treatment available for these conditions in the form of laser eye surgery, prevention is always better than cure. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is the best course of action you can take today to protect your eyes tomorrow. It is imperative that you purchase glasses that protect against both UVA and UVB rays and be aware that just because a pair of glasses does say this on the label, it is not necessarily true. Cheap glasses, in particular, are unlikely to provide the adequate protection you need to shield your eyes from the sun. If you are unsure on what to buy then talk to an optician who will be able to advise you on what you need and where to purchase the right kind of glasses.

Further to wearing sunglasses (and a hat can't hurt either), you should eat plenty of green vegetables which also help your eyes stay strong. If you stare at a computer screen all week then some simple eye exercise should also be carried out every now and again. These can be as simple as covering one eye, then the other, or pretending there is a clock on the wall in front and looking at 12, 3, 6, and 9 in both directions.

The news is not all bad however when it comes to eye health. Laser eye surgery provides an excellent treatment to a host of conditions. When doctors are considering the options to help restore a person's sight, a refractive lens exchange is one form of procedure that may be required, as is macular degeneration treatment. Protecting your health now will pay dividends later, but if you are suffering from a condition of the eye then there is help available.

Poland Spring Water

Quick question, readers: Where does Poland Spring bottled water originate? If your answer is "Poland Spring," a troubling report in Mother Jones will show that you aren't even half right. 

Read More


Important Device For Asthma - Peak Flow Meter For Asthmatics
 by: Adam Rise

People who don't have asthma or a family member or close friend who has it would more or less have no idea what a peak flow meter is.

A peak flow meter is a very important device for asthmatics and without it there would really be a huge gap to be filled in the world of asthma-related gadgets. It is a small, inexpensive hand-held gadget used to monitor the airflow through the bronchi and controls the degree of airway restriction. Peak flow meters usually work through a mechanism called "fast blast", because it basically measures a person's ability to push air out of his or her lungs.

This article features important and basic information about peak flow meters as well as the steps on how to use and operate it.

The main function of the device is to measure an individual's maximum ability to exhale. This ability to exhale is also known as peak expiratory flow rate. When an individual is well and healthy, the device readings are expected to be high. On the other hand, peak flow readings are expected to be low among patients who are unwell due to constricted airways.

Both the doctor and the patient can determine the extent of lung functionality, severity of the symptoms as well as the treatment options for asthma. The height, age, and sex of an individual greatly affects the normal device reading value.

Generally, the device can provide two ranges of measurement to assess the amount of air pushed out of the lungs. Low range peak flow meters are used for very small children while a standard range one is used for teens and adults. It must be remembered that adults have larger airways than children that is why there is really a need to have a separate device for adults and children. Find out more tips and guide about peak flow meter for asthma at

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Conscious Immunity: Tapping Your Way to a Happier, Healthier YOU
 by: Zach Miller

What comes to mind when you think about your immune system? Do you think about an army of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs ready to go to battle to defend you from organisms and substances that invade your system and cause disease? Do you visualize little Pac-Men like creatures gobbling up all the little buggies?

How about cancer? Did just reading the word flame the fire of fear? Say these words out loud right now: "I have cancer."

How did your body react? Did your heart race? Face flush? Shoulders tense? Stomach tighten?

Though medical science has made some breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, many of us still think "DEATH" when the word is mentioned. An unfortunate fact that supports this thought is that many of us have had someone we love die of cancer. My nephew died of cancer just one month shy of his 14th birthday. It was indeed a tragic and traumatic loss for my family.

Sadly, one thing our health care system does not address adequately is the emotional factors of cancer and other diseases. I had one client who was in the doctor's examining room, wearing nothing but a paper sheet, when she was given the diagnosis. No family in the room, feeling vulnerable and alone, with no one to physically, emotionally or spiritually support her. While driving home, reeling with thoughts of how she was going to tell her three children, she rear-ended a car at a stop light and severely injured her neck.

It just makes intuitive sense that a body experiencing fear, trauma, stress, and guilt is not in the best shape to heal anything. And though the medical community is well aware that emotional disease set us up for physical disease, traditional medicine does not address the emotional house as a part of the treatment plan.

Mother Teresa once said she wouldn't march on a war against anything. Nothing is cured by war. But we often speak of "fighting cancer". I truly believe a body that is at peace with itself and infuses all its cells with love has a better chance of freeing itself of any disease than a body at war with itself.

Though I am not a doctor, I consider myself a healer. In my experience, it matters not what symptoms or disease the body is presenting. Be it back pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, low energy, chronic sinus infections, Parkinson's Disease, depression, and even cancer, the body cannot effectively heal itself until the underlying toxic emotions that are trapped in the body's subtle energy system is released. It's also important to know that these low-frequency emotions are mostly driven by limiting beliefs and fears of the subconscious mind.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the most effective and efficient way I have found to free these toxic emotions and reprogram the subconscious.

EFT is a universal healing modality that is easy enough for almost anybody to learn but is powerful enough to assist people with everything from debilitating phobias to serious health conditions. By using a gentle tapping procedure that engages the same energy system as acupuncture, EFT rapidly balances the body and eases the emotions.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, feels that this indispensable method of dispelling negative emotions should be available to all and has made the method easily available online at

Scientific studies are now emerging that supports what literally millions of people around the world have experienced: EFT, as well as other energy medicine modalities, moves the mind-body to a deeper level of peace, creating a more optimal climate for the functioning of the immune system.

Dawson Church, Ph.D., illuminates this research in his empowering book, The Genie in Your Genes. This book reports the findings of over 300 scientific studies that reveal why energy- and consciousness-based medicine will transform healthcare. Dr. Church deftly explains how genes are being turned on and off by beliefs, emotions and attitudes. I found this study particularly revealing:

“…researchers looked at people who were lonely and depressed and compared the expression of their entire genome with a happier group. They found 209 genes that were differently expressed in the unhappy people. The nature of the affected genes is particularly interesting. They code for, amongst other things, markers of our levels of immunity from disease. So unhappy people had weakened immune systems and were more susceptible to illness.”

The book also chronicles how a patient altered the degree of clumping of her red blood cells (RBC) by using EFT. The patient's doctor examined the live red blood cells using darkfield microscopy before and after the patient used EFT. Here's what Dr. Church writes:

Our dominant medical model does not believe that physiological processes such as red blood cell clumping are under the control of a patient's conscious mind. [This] usually takes months of treatment, if it can be accomplished at all. Yet in just two rounds of EFT, lasting just a few minutes, were enough to produce an immediate and visible change in the degree of cell clumping.” (The pictures showing the change in the RBC was nothing short of miraculous!)

I am not suggesting that EFT should replace medical care. However, the research is illuminating that our psychology plays a definitive role in our physiology, and supports the theory that bodies free of toxic emotions and energy disruptions have enhanced immune function.

In February 2010, an EFT group is forming expressly for those who have or have had, a cancer diagnosis. During each meeting a specific aspect of living with cancer will be addressed, including:

· Releasing the trauma of the diagnosis

· I feel guilty that I might have caused this cancer

· Who am I now that I have cancer?

· I hate chemotherapy!

· I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

· I'm ready to release the old toxic emotional junkRead a lot more written content on EFT from Forrest Samnik, LCSW, EFTCert-I at Explore more about EFT and the meridan tapping method today!
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Get Rid Of A Cold Sore

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore In Less Than 2 Days - Things You Can Do To Quickly Treat Your Cold Sore
 by: Sarin Carlson F

I started to get a cold sore yesterday and it's just two blisters on my bottom lip but I've had bad experiences with cold sores going insane and I want to know if anyone knows a way to get rid of a cold sore in less than 2 days, (or at least make it really small). I'm going to a banquet/reception on Saturday and I REALLY want to get rid of this thing before then. I'm currently putting Zovirax on it, which tends to work, but if anyone knows a better way, I really appreciate it. How to be Rid Of A Cold Sore In Less Than 2 Days ?

If you also have a cold sore and want to treat it, then here are some few tips that might help you out: Zovirax is usually good for healing cold sores within a few days . I find that using a facial astringent to dry out the blisters usually works. Put some astringent on some kleenex/cotton balls/anything like that, and then press and hold it to the blisters. It'll sting a little, but it dries it out, which is good.

Apply some Zovirax after the astringent dries it out, and then repeat this process throughout the day and it should be fine.

I use Zovirax, but I also put Neosporin on mine as well. It doesn't dry your mouth out the way Zovirax does, and drying it out almost makes it look worse. Is the Zovirax the same as Abreva?? OH. Heard by the rumor of cold sore people. They also take lysine. Found in the vitamins. well I was getting a cold sore but all I did was swipe it down with alcohol a few times a day and I did use a little bit of Neosporin and the cold sore never actually form or use carmax instead of Neosporin

Cold sores don’t heal because they are constantly getting moist and never get a chance to scab over and heal. So logic dictates that some kind of barrier to stop it getting moist should help with the healing process. Might I suggest horse dung on your lips? It will definitely stop you licking your lips.
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Quit Smoking Tips: Self-help Is The Best Help
 by: Samantha Nicole

If one is asked which of the bad habits one must give up first, the answer will be ‘smoking’. The gravity of the danger that rises from smoking tobacco is little indicated when it is said that smoking is injurious to health. There should not be any second consideration when it will be said that the smokers must quit smoking. Smokers usually state that they cannot quit smoking easily. There are suggestions after suggestions addressed to them so that they can finally free them from this evil bondage.

Smokers should be made aware of the loss they may suffer due to smoking tobacco. The smokers should know that injury caused by smoking tobacco is not limited to infection in the lungs only. They must know it right now that smoking invites cancer. What a great loss of humanity it is! Smoking of tobacco is much more formidable. The collective and cumulative effect of direct and indirect inhaling of the smoke, as well as spread of the smoke on the lower surface of the atmosphere, has already done great damage to the environment. Hence, the smokers must quit smoking immediately.

Awareness campaign or campaign against smoking can exert expected pressure on the psyche of the smokers, and this campaign should be continuous and forceful. All kinds of printing and electronic media should come forward and volunteer for such campaign instead of leaving the mission entirely to the non-governmental organizations.

Some people hold such opinion that the smokers should fix a date to ensure the last date for smoking. Smokers should quit smoking gradually. It is uncertain if these measures produce positive results.

On the other hand, it is always better to improve their own decision, and everything depends on how determined they are to achieve the target. Men and women, in large number, have freed them from this unhealthy habit in the past. Hence, one can do it if one is firm in the belief that it is possible. The sooner the smokers make the decision to quit smoking the better it is for them, because the globe has been preparing to ban smoking of tobacco once for all.

Cold Sore Virus

How Long Does It Take The Cold Sore Virus To Leave Your Body? - Best Cold Sore Treatments Options
 by: Sarin Carlson F

I got a cold sore (due to fever) on Thursday. The blister has disappeared. I have a date with my boyfriend on Tuesday, it is an important date to us and I think he may want to kiss me. So, my hopes are that the virus isn't contagious anymore. He does know that I had a cold sore in the past week. Does anyone know how long does it take the cold sore virus to leave your body after it has healed?

If you are also wondering this, then here is a response to this question: Cold sores are caused by the virus known as herpes simplex type I (HSV-1). After the first episode of the disease, the virus lies dormant in the nerves or skin around the original area until something sets the virus off into another eruption. Colds, flu, and even stress can cause you to have an outbreak of cold sores. Why you have an outbreak at one time of life and not another is not clearly understood.

You always have the virus. The virus never leaves the body; it just becomes inactive until it breaks out again. It is the Herpes virus. Peroxide on a Q tip helps doctor it out quicker. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 and will never be gone from your body but will lie dormant until something such as infection or stress causes another outbreak to recur.

In the absence of a cold sore one may also transmit the virus through the skin. Oral herpes lesions typically occur on the lips, on the fixed mucosa inside the mouth, including the hard palate and gums, but can occur almost anywhere on the face. Aciclovir cream like Zovirax has a drug in it which helps kill the virus


-Use a saline nasal spray

-Place a drop or two of either eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball or handkerchief and hold near the nose while breathing deeply.


-Drink orange tea. Or eat lemon and honey just doesn’t add too much lemon, will make your milk sour.

-Put some vapor rub on your feet with socks, on your chest, back, and throat.


-Drink hot water lemon and honey

-Salt water gargle:

Mix a 1 tablespoon of salt in eight ounces of warm water. Gargle the whole mixture (don't swallow) several times a day.
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Be Careful Using Bottled Water


Carrying bottled in your car
is very dangerous

On the Ellen show, Sheryl Crow said that this is what caused her breast cancer.
It has been identified as the most common cause of the high levels of dioxin in
breast cancer tissue.

Sheryl Crow’s oncologist told her: women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car. The heat reacts with the chemicals in the plastic of the bottle which releases dioxin into the water.

Dioxin is a toxin increasingly found in breast cancer tissue. So please be careful and do not drink bottled water that has been left in a car.

Pass this on to EVERYBODY in your life. This information is the kind we need to know that just might save us! Use a stainless steel canteen or a glass bottle instead of plastic! This information is also being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center … No plastic containers in microwaves. No plastic water bottles in freezers. No plastic wrap in microwaves. Dioxin chemical causes cancer, especially breast cancer.

Dioxins are highly poisonous to cells in our bodies. Don’t freeze plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic. Recently the Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital was on a TV program to explain this health hazard. He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us. He said that we should not be heating food in the microwave using plastic containers…..This especially applies to foods that contain fat.
He said that the combination of fat, high heat and plastic releases dioxin into the food.

Instead, he recommends using glass, such as Pyrex or ceramic containers
for heating food… You get the same result, but without the dioxin. So,
such things as TV dinners, instant soups, etc., should be removed from
their containers and heated in something else. Using paper isn’t bad, but you don’t know what is in the paper. It’s safer to use tempered glass, such as Pyrex, etc. He reminded us that a while ago some of the fast food restaurants
moved away from the styrene foam containers to paper. The dioxin
problem is one of the reasons….

Also, he pointed out that plastic wrap, such as Cling film, is just as
dangerous when placed over foods to be cooked in the microwave.
As the food is nuked, the high heat causes poisonous toxins to actually
melt out of the plastic wrap and drip into the food. Cover food with
a paper towel instead.

This article should be shared with everyone important in your life!

Take Care Of Your Hands

Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Hands To Avoid Hand Wrinkles
 by: Zach Smith

Your face is not the only part of your body that succumbs to the aging process. Your hands are also quite susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles. In fact, it is far more susceptible to the aging process because it is constantly exposed to external aging elements.

Trust me when I say that having a multitude of hand wrinkles can put a damper to your self-esteem. We use our hands daily to interact with other people. You have to take good care of your hands to avoid wrinkles. Here are a couple of tips you would want to try:

1. Use a paraffin mask for your hands at least once a week. 

This treatment does not only work in avoiding wrinkles. It also works in getting rid of the fine lines and creases that are already there. That it is because it is a natural wrinkle filler that plumps up the skin and facilitates a circumspect renewal of dermis tissues. Moreover, it enhances circulation.

Mix half a cup of paraffin, a teaspoon of white clay, a teaspoon of oat flour, a teaspoon of lavender, 3 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of rose essence, and a teaspoon of elder blossoms. Melt paraffin blocks on a pan and add the herbs. Remove the pan from the fire and add the essential oils. Let the mixture cool down a bit before applying it all over your hands.

2. Keep it hydrated all the time. 

Washing our hands frequently can strip away the essential moisture and lipids in it. Bring a bottle of your moisturizing product wherever you go so you can apply when needed. Our skin has better healing and regenerative properties if it is properly hydrated.

Look for a moisturizing product loaded with CynergyTK and Phytessence Wakame. CynergyTK is an ingredient that has been extracted from the wool of sheep. It is made up of functional keratin, the protein that your skin needs in producing more collagen and elastin. This will bring back the youthful functions of your dermis. Phytessence Wakame can help prolong the life of collagen fibers. This seaweed can help preserve healthy levels of hyaluronic acid. This acid is vital for collagen lubrication.

3. When cleaning or handling chemical cleaners, use rubber gloves.

Do not expose your dermis directly to chemical substances as they can be extremely damaging. When cleaning, use rubber gloves to protect your hands. It will also prevent your skin from getting soaked in water too long.

You should treat your hands well. Avoid hand wrinkles before they start appearing.

Saggy Skin Tips

3 Tips On How To Prevent Saggy Skin Condition
 by: Zach Smith
Our skin is made up of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These are the three major dermis components responsible for the elastic and resilient nature of our dermis. That being said, the decline of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid levels will surely lead to saggy skin condition.

Don't just take this sitting down. While your skin is still relatively young and firm, you should continuously work on it to maintain youthful dermis structure. Bringing back elastic skin is actually more difficult than preventing saggy dermis condition from happening.

Here are a few effective tips on how you can do that: 

1. Make sure you have a fair serving of fruits and vegetables every meal.

There is a reason why your mom is always badgering you to eat your veggies when you were younger. Vegetables are not only ideal sources of vitamins and minerals; they also contain a hefty amount of copper. This is a trace mineral also found in our skin. Copper is needed to produce peptides. Peptides increase the production of collagen and elastin in our body.

Fruits also work in the same way. Those that contain Vitamin C can help increase collagen and elastin production. Moreover, they contain vitamins A and E that can help prevent damages to dermis tissues and cells.

2. Catch up on your sleep. 

If you think you can deal with the lack of sleep, think again. Our body needs about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night in order for it to correct damaged functions and cells. When you sleep your brain produces essential hormones that can encourage the growth of complex proteins in your body.

3. Moisturize your skin daily. 

Most people think they do not need a moisturizer because their skin is not dry. But our skin turns dry and flaky during the day when it is exposed to external aging elements. You have to be one step ahead of dry skin condition. Look for a moisturizing product loaded with natural ingredients such as CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame, and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10.

CynergyTK infuses functional keratin to the dermis. Keratin is a functional protein responsible for the reliable production of collagen and elastin. Phytessence Wakame is a type of Japanese sea kelp capable of preventing the loss of hyaluronic acid. This acid is vital for collagen lubrication. When collagen is well-lubricated, it does not get damaged easily. Nano Lipobelle HEQ10 helps get rid of the harmful free radicals that attack skin cells. This antioxidant is made up of smaller molecules so it can penetrate deeper into the seven layers of the skin.

These simple tips can help you thwart saggy skin condition. Prolong elastic skin by using these tips.

The Special K Diet

How Do You Start The Special K Diet Challenge
 by: Eliene Teixeira dos Santos Ford

The Special K Diet Challenge, does it Make Sense

Its not uncommon to have heard of, seen or taken the Special K Diet Challenge.

It seems like there are millions of diets claiming to be the miracle solution for weight loss.And although I am not identifying with any program on either a positive or negative basis, I would encourage you to select a sustainable healthy diet plan, because living in a state of obesity is hazardous to your health, and a better quality of life is available to those in better physical condition.

As human beings we are not designed to subsist off of one type of food or food group. It is imperative that you attempt to maintain a balanced diet of correctly apportioned food groups, these include proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as fiber for aiding in digestion.You also need to maintain an adequate level of minerals, with the most important being calcium and magnesium.

Eating some fat in your diet is not as great of a problem as some would have you think.Fat does not build up in your body as a result of the consumption of fat, but rather as calories are ingested which are not transformed into the energy that the body uses.That is the reason that the exercise component is so extremely important. There is a degree of fat content in foods like banana and peanuts, but they are not evil because of the fat content they contain.You need to distinguish between the types of fat in your diet, while bacon grease causes high cholesterol and helps to foster weight problems, the fat in virgin olive oil does not.

It does not matter where you grocery shop in America or what commercial television that you watch, as long as you are not asleep on your feet,you are going to see the promotion presented by Kellogg,and you will witness the Special K Challenge.The Special K diet Challenge is a based on Kellogg's effort to encourage the Obese in America to correct the situation by substituting one meal a day with a bowl of Special K cereal, or one of the products created therewith, i e Special K waffles, or Special K protein bars. You can try the Special K Diet, however I would suggest that you consult with a nutritionist to ensure that you also consume enough other foods to provide a nutritional balance.

If you try the Special K Diet Challenge, you may very likely lose weight.You would be properly informed however that the reason you are losing weight is not due to some special substance in the cereal, but rather due to the fact that by eating the special k diet products that you will reduce the caloric basis of your diet.I would suggest that if you undertake the "challenge, that you be sure to monitor your other food intake closely.

Information on the Special K Diet Challenge can be found on the Kellogg website as a part of its promotion.Kellogg has provided a link for selecting a Special K Diet Challenge buddy, as well as providing an email coaching Service as a part of the available information.The prognosis for success improves for most people when they are able to involve themselves with others who are in similar circumstance.and many can benefit from the optional on line coaching that is available through the site,as well as with the email and Facebook based support programs.And while the plan is relatively easy for most to follow,and might save you some time,as meal preparation time is reduced by one meal each day,however the most important consideration that we realize, is that common sense suggests a reduction in consumption,and that control is the logical result when a better plan is implemented.

As always I prefer to mention, that the implementation of any diet, may result in exacerbating an already problematic set of eating habits, even resulting tn the opposite of the result you desired, Simply because the concept is promoted by a big company, or the act of publication in a commercial magazine, does not make a process suitable for your use, without taking care you may create a less desirable situation, so it make sense to talk to your doctor and nutritionist before you get started with any diet plan. By taking these precautions, you can eat everything that you currently have in your diet, you will just need to adjust your total caloric intake and add exercise into your daily routine. You can get additional information by visiting EliKen Health and Fitness.