Saturday, May 7, 2016

Healthy Diet

Diet Versus Exercise

To Keep Obesity at Bay, Exercise May Trump Diet
 New York Times

Young rats prone to obesity are much less likely to fulfill that unhappy destiny if they run during adolescence than if they do not, according to a provocative new animal study of exercise and weight. They also were metabolically healthier, and had different gut microbes, than rats that keep the weight off by cutting back on food, the study found. The experiment was done in rodents, not people, but it does raise interesting questions about just what role exercise may play in keeping obesity at bay. Read More...

Women's Fitness/Biking

Want to bike faster? This program will help increase the cadence (pedal speed) that you're able to maintain while biking. If you're new to using a stationary bike or exercising, start with the Beginner program. As you progress, slowly increase your time and eventually move to the Intermediate and Advanced workouts. Because this is a general program, you may need to adjust the recommended speeds, intensities, and times to suit your fitness level.

This program assumes the levels on your stationary bicycle go from 1-20. If this is not the case, adjust based on comfort level. Use the intensity guidelines (right column) as a guide for how hard to work. (Find a full explanation of intensity below the workouts). Read More